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The copywriting course giving you the power of brand messaging, website strategy, and copywriting so you can LEVEL UP and finally make $$$ from your website.


Have a website powered by SEO, website strategy, and great copywriting.

Be empowered in your business to communicate your message, at all times.

Write your website copy by yourself without having to hire a copywriter.

Say what makes you unique without losing your mind over your 'onlyness.'

Imagine what it would be like if you could...

Picture yourself with a website that conveys your message so powerfully people are lining up and down the block to work with you, all because of website copy you wrote yourself!

How to write headlines and taglines that make people buy from you... and not your competitors

Structure your website pages for success and find the right SEO keywords to start your search efforts

Write website copy that isn't generic, templated, or canned but sounds like you

How to create a brand message that makes people stop and listen

What you'll learn

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When you have an aligned message that communicates your greatness, those hopes & dreams you have finally have somewhere to land.

In Bestselling Copy, you'll go from what do I write? to how soon can I share this with the world?!

let me show you what worked for my clients!

I truly believe that copywriting brings creatives greater prosperity.

I went from being a magazine writer to writing full time for six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs. After working with me, my clients go on to hire in their business, connect with dream clients, get life-changing collaborations, and be seen as the experts they are.

Now, I'm taking down the curtain and showing you exactly how I write successful brand messaging and website copy for top creative professionals. 

Three years ago, I started my copywriting business with a website template and a facebook post.

I'm Kayla Dean

copywriter + strategist

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Bringing the power of story to your brand so you can inspire, influence, and book more clients.