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A Big Welcome To The Brand Book Podcast

I’m so excited to welcome you to the very first episode of The Brand Book podcast, for entrepreneurs who want to tell their brand story with ease and confidence! I’m here to help you bring the power of story to your brand so you can inspire, influence, and book more clients through a compelling brand story and conversion-friendly copywriting. It’s my hope that you can come at your brand story from a place of strategy, not stress.

Below, you’ll find the full show notes for this episode so you can read along while you listen!

Instead of spending the full episode on my story, I’m going to briefly introduce myself, share more about what you can expect from the podcast, and share more about what’s coming up in future episodes. 

To give you a bit more background before we dive into today’s topic,  I’m a copywriter for creative brands that need a strategic brand story and copywriting. I’ve worked with artists, designers, florists, photographers, farmers, and more! What brings my clients together is that they identify as creative business owners.

This is what I often hear from clients:

“I want people to land on my website and be able to either connect with me immediately or know that they won’t connect with me. If they are interested, I want them to be able to feel like they get to know me and they are already excited about working together.”

For clients, I create a Brand Book, a custom-to-you collection of wording, phrasing, and positioning concepts that make up your brand’s character. At the heart, your Brand Book shows who your brand is and how you’re speaking to prospects about what you do differently.

Using this exact process, we’ve seen clients walk away with a new sense of their brand, improved on-page SEO, and preparedness to move into a new era in their business where they are sought-out experts who can charge higher prices & slay in their industry!

This is the inspiration for the name of this podcast! While I’m a total believer in showing you HOW to write your copy, it’s my belief that great brands tell great stories. To be one of them, you have to do the work on your brand story FIRST before you can worry about what to write on your website.

On the next episode, you’ll get the breakdown on what brand messaging is and exactly why you need to start with it before copywriting.

Some other topics coming up: we’ll learn all about the building blocks of a truly great brand story, discover your brand’s personality, and have some #realtalk about how to stay original and keep it real instead of imitating influencers.

You ready? Let’s do this!



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Bringing the power of story to your brand so you can inspire, influence, and book more clients.