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Brand and web designer Katie Proctor is a veritable design influencer, with more than 50K followers on Instagram. At just 22, she has scaled a successful design agency that rivals even established agencies. Still, her current brand wasn’t allowing her to book high-ticket beauty and lifestyle brands ready to invest in branding that will eventually land them in top retail placements and media features. In the brand messaging phase, our goals were to inspire more confidence in clients looking to invest upwards of $20K in design services, pivot the messaging in such a way that clients would begin to see Wildflower as a top branding agency for Millennial brands, and leverage Katie’s personality in the copywriting. Now, Katie has the messaging she needs to continue hiring new team members and reaching decision makers who are ready to create top brands.


 "Working with her & her team was a dream. When I first read the copy, I had such a ‘YESS!’ Moment because it felt so authentically me and I had no doubt that it would do wonders for my business. Before working with Kayla, everything was very ‘all over the place’, but now I can confidently write content for my business, thanks to the messaging guide that she provided, which has allowed me to be super consistent and on brand! I will definitely be working with Kayla again and I can’t thank her enough for everything she’s done for my business. Overall, I'm OBSESSED."

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