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Minneapolis wedding & portrait photographer Brooke Powell was ready to position her brand as an elegant, high-end wedding brand for curated celebrations. With a major rebrand upcoming, she engaged our services so we could evoke her film-inspired, fine art, and editorial style through words, bring a sense of sass and wit into her brand voice while still keeping the tone down-to-earth, and create emotional connections with her best-fit couples. Through the brand messaging phase, we harnessed Brooke’s inner Lady Whistledown and took inspiration from the Parisian, old-world aesthetic of the brand to create messaging that’s at home with both fun asides & humorous interjections alongside elegant details, charm, and friendliness. Brooke is now booking clients who value her elegant style and can’t wait for her to photograph their wedding.


"Prior to working with Kayla, I had always done my copywriting myself. I wish I had found Kayla sooner - she is a copy wizard, and I strongly believe my brand as a whole would not be the same without her. For the first time in my professional career, I feel confident and proud of my brand, website, and copy. It all flows together perfectly, and is better than what I could have ever imagined. I am confident in every aspect in my business, and I used to always feel like a fraud when it came to my copy. It never fully represented me, but now it does!"

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