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Luxury travel designer Angela Isherwood booked custom branding and website design but felt overwhelmed by the task of creating a compelling brand message for her new travel agency.  She had pages and pages of notes, ideas, and concepts but struggled with how to turn these thoughts into a message and a well-structured website. Starting with the brand message, we crafted an explorer-centric brand for her adventurous clients and strategized ways to tell the story of Angela's deep experience in the travel industry, her Italian roots, and the ways that she is uniquely qualified to help her clients because of her own extensive worldwide travel. 

With these core storylines in mind, we structured out a website and created copywriting designed to connect with her dream clients and compel people to travel the globe with the help of a trusted, experienced travel advisor.


“Oh my god I am legitimately in tears with how it has come out. I am so in love with it! Thank you for taking my content and my ideas and really making them shine. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your patience throughout this process!  

I know this was a true labor of love. Thank you for your patience as I relayed all of my feedback to you. There are many travel advisor websites out there, and most of them do not have the best copywriting. I really want to make this website stand out from the crowd in terms of storytelling, and emotion, and I think what you have mapped out and together we have finessed is truly differentiating the brand."

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"I am so in love with it! Thank you!"