Works By Sarah Jane

Brand Messaging, Website Copywriting

Design by:

Quill & Co Design

Brand Voice:

Conversational, friendly, warm


Pacific Northwest photographer Sarah Jane Brown already had adoring clients who loved her friendly approach to wedding & elopement photography. But her website didn’t truly convey her experience, boost her search presence, and elevate her brand so she could reach more dream clients. Through strategic brand messaging and website copywriting, we incorporated the vibe & feel of the Pacific Northwest so the voice would be personal and atmospheric but still sales-focused. This approach has drawn in clients ready for an adventurous, exciting experience that makes their engagement & wedding even better.


"It was so fun working with you and you did absolutely amazing!! I’m so in love with my brand and now I have a clear brand voice! I think this was in my head but I didn’t know how to phrase it, so this is absolutely perfect!"

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"I’m so in love with my brand and now
I have a clear brand voice!"