Tiffany Josephs

Brand messaging & website copywriting

Brand Voice:

Playful, activating, authoritative


Leadership coach Tiffany Josephs already had 6 years of experience guiding female creative entrepreneurs through amazing transformations. But when it came to pivoting her brand to leadership consulting and facilitation, she struggled to bring together her varied career experiences and market to a new kind of ideal client. Through brand messaging designed to both bring out Tiffany’s warm personality and convert clients new to her brand, we created website copy deeply rooted in strategy.


"You are a genius at what you do. Yes to everything! What a beautiful product you have put together. Seriously, your attention to aesthetic and brand detail is stunning!

I don't have any notes to add. I love everything you have weaved here! The headliner is absolutely perfect! I love how elevated the messaging is. The copy is designed to convert and an excellent translation of what I actually do. 

The entire experience has been polished and professional, going above and beyond copy and into the brand itself. Total brand elevation. I'm excited to continue growing my online presence."

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"Seriously, your attention to aesthetic and
brand detail is stunning!"