But no matter how much time you spend typing out the words, you have no freaking clue how to turn what you've written into website copy that's gonna make you money.

Your launch is just around the corner & your web designer (or gorg new Showit template!) needs your amazing words
like yesterday.

You're so NOT confident your copy has what it takes to go all the way.

You cue up your Spotify playlist and cozy up with your computer (and a glass of rosé) to write your website copy. 

What if writing your website copy didn't have to take hours of scrolling through Instagram and alllll the websites comparing yourself to other creatives who are so much better at sounding super relatable?!

I have the perfect thing for you.

We'll take an honest look at what you've drafted and edit it to perfection. Not only will you have words that connect with your ideal clients, but you'll also have it prepped & wireframed out in Google Docs so it's 100% ready to hand off to your designer ASAP.

Most of my clients spend $3K to work with me 1-1 over several weeks. Now, I'm helping you finally get that website copy where you want it in just one day so you can skip the line, ditch the stress, and  launch that amazing new website of yours!

Are you ready to take your website copy from meh to wow in just one day?

The refresh day rate is here to make it happen.