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Farm Fresh Wheat

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Although Elizabeth and Kevin have farmed their family land for the past six years, it was only recently that they formed Farm Fresh Wheat, a collective that sells fresh wheat berries right from the farm for families who want to home mill their own flour.

They were well-versed in the Storybrand framework but needed a copywriter who could build their brand story and execute it through website copy that helped them grow their eCommerce business. I crafted all copy, from the Home, About, Shop, and Product pages to FAQs that connect with their ideal client.


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Brand Messaging & Website Copywriting

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"Kayla made the process so easy. She did her research to learn our niche market and the resulting copy was spot on. Our customers have resonated with the copy she developed, and it is helping us build rapport. My favorite part of the copy is how versatile it is. It is written in a way that is easy to use on different platforms. The copy also streamlines our packaging decisions and social media management. We can take what she developed for the website and easily adapt it for our current need."

"She did her research to learn our niche market
and the resulting copy was spot on."


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