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Kristin Neiditch

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Former marketing director Kristin Neiditch had already built a highly successful photography editing business. But even with extensive market research and customer data in the works, she struggled to write the words that would connect with her clients & help her make the pivot into the online education space.

Over the core website pages and seven digital product sales pages, we mapped the customer journey and crafted words that powerfully connect with her ideal prospects and rank #1 for her desired keyword.


inspiring, supportive, upbeat


brand messaging, website copywriting, digital product copywriting

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Megan Martin (template)

"When I found out that my current ‘go-to copywriter’ was shutting down her business several months before my big website launch, my heart dropped. I searched desperately to find any other creative copywriters and came across Kayla's website. Cue the hallelujah chorus because I am SO glad I did!! Kayla was able to take all my brain dump and turn it into the website copy of my dreams.

"Not only did she write compelling on brand copy BUT now I am happily sitting at number one in my top SEO keywords. I was so nervous going into such a big project, but Kayla blew me away with every final page she sent over. I know for a fact that I would not have had my website done in time if it weren't for Kayla."

"Kayla was able to take all my brain dump and turn it into the website copy of my dreams."


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