But no matter how much time you spend typing out the words, you have no freaking clue how to turn what you've written into website copy that's gonna make you money.

Your launch is just around the corner & your web designer (or gorg new Showit template!) needs your amazing words
like yesterday.

You're so NOT confident your copy has what it takes to go all the way.

You cue up your Spotify playlist and cozy up with your computer (and a glass of rosé) to write your website copy. 

What if writing your website copy didn't have to take hours of scrolling through Instagram and alllll the websites comparing yourself to other creatives who are so much better at sounding super relatable?

I have the perfect thing for you.

We'll take an honest look at what you've created and refine the words to perfection. Not only will you have words that connect with your ideal clients, but you'll also have it prepped & wireframed out in Google Docs so it's 100% ready to hand off to your designer ASAP.

Most of my clients spend $4K to work with me 1-1 over several weeks. Now, I'm helping you finally get that website copy where you want it in just one intensive so you can skip the line, ditch the stress, and  launch that amazing new website of yours!

Are you ready to take your website copy from meh to wow in just one day?

The refresh day rate is here to make it happen.

Every client who's experienced the day rate has seen results, fast.

“I honestly thought there wasn’t any way you could really “get” what I was trying to say but you did!!!

What in the world?! Seriously how did you do that?? I’m blown away and I’ve used copywriters before… you’re SO good. I honestly thought there wasn’t any way you could really “get” what I was trying to say but you did!!! Seriously, I'm so impressed. Last night I read it to my husband and he was like... it sounds like you, only way better!

- marybeth bryant, photographer


 I can't believe you created all of this magic so quickly! I wanted to let you know that I'm so grateful to work with you. I know this won't be the last thing we work on :)

- krystle rowry, designer at krissdidit

“This is all so perfect.”

This is all so perfect! It's packed with everything I've been trying to put into words and flows so nicely!  Now I just want to work on redesigning my investment guide all day!

- maggie reina, designer at viola hill studio

"Thank you a million times!!!"

Kayla!!!!! You made amazing things happen in such a short time! Woo!! I am so excited and way more confident now that I have pro copy. Thank you a million times!!

- marissa merritt, photographer

"I really loved what you did for our homepage!"

I really loved what you did for our homepage, it helped me set a brand voice in motion and also gave me content for some of the inner pages as well (at least a starting point). If you are available, we would like to continue our work together! 

- Dimi Arhontidis, founder of session

I've created website copy, sales, and landing pages for clients who all launched conversion-friendly websites.

Choose One:
-  5 pages of refreshed website copy
-  Copy for a sales or landing page
-  Copy for a short email sequence
-  Copy for an investment guide, lead magnet, or welcome packet

SEO page titles & meta descriptions so you can start ranking on Google with the right keywords

Full confidence knowing your copy is DONE and you don't have to do any additional work

A document you can hand off to your designer or plug & play into a website template right away

By the end of the day, you'll have...

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how it works

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On your day, we'll kick off the process with a brief call to discuss what you've written, talk about your brand, and get clear on the details.

I'll get to work on your content! you'll receive your copy, all ready to plug & play within 48 hours. 

Book your day by selecting a time for our 45-minute kickoff call. Upon booking, you'll receive a confirmation email. I’ll get in touch to start the conversation before our day!

book my day

Unlike other copywriters who price their day rates by the hour, I guarantee your deliverable. That means you walk away with your copy completely done.



No matter how stressed you are about your content, I know you have everything it takes to grow your brand. You just need the right copywriter to bring it out of you.

I'm here to understand not just what's in your content outline but also what's in your heart so we can translate it into a story your dream clients will be captivated by. I've helped 6-figure business owners hit #1 on Google, book their dream clients, and launch with ease & confidence.

Now, it's your turn to transform your website copy so you can book those amazing clients!

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How is this service different from your other done-for-you services?
While the one-day copy refresh is meant for creatives who already have content written, The Literary Co's other services are for businesses who need full brand messaging strategy or copywriting from scratch. Most of the time, clients are either largely overhauling their content or need something completely new written for them. What sets the copywriting services apart from the day rate is the high-level brand messaging strategy I provide along with done-for-you copy. It has a higher investment because I take a limited number of clients and work closely with you & your designer. If you're looking for a refresh or need a sales page, the day rate experience is perfect for you!

Is this just a copyediting service or do you help me with wording, phrasing, and my overall approach?
The one-day rate is a developmental editing service, meaning that we won't just proofread your stuff and peace out. When you book this service, you'll get fully refreshed copy as well as a document that's completely ready for you to either plug & play into your website template or hand off to your designer! 

Can I get a discount if I have fewer pages?
The day rate is a standard price for the cost of working together on your deliverable. However many pages you submit in your initial form will be the pages that I work on during our day together, whether that's 3, 4, or 5 pages. Please note there will not be any price adjustments for websites with fewer pages. Thank you for understanding!

Are revisions included in the 48 hour turnover time?
Revisions will be processed after the first draft is turned over within the initial 48 hours, typically within 2-3 business days.

What if I'd rather have done-for-you copywriting?
Hit up the services page to learn more about other services!

What if I can't make any of the times you have available?
Email kayla@theliterary.co to check for availability.

Still have questions? I've got you!

- Vicki Higgins

“Kayla is a gifted writer. I’m so fortunate to have worked with her on two VIP days  for my website copy and landing page."

 She has the rare ability to capture thoughts from a conversation and turn them in to words so eloquently written on the page. Kayla knows all aspects of the journey to get your message out to the world. If you need copy on a tight timeframe, Kayla’s VIP day is the way to go. We spoke in the morning, connected a couple of times during the day, and by the end of the day the copy was ready to go. I would highly recommend Kayla. She helps make dreams come true!"

Get the bestselling, high-converting words that will make your brand stand out.

Please fill out the form to start the process. I look forward to responding to your message within 48 hours, Monday through Thursday. Thank you so much for reaching out!