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As the only mini session booking platform for photographers, Session already had a small, engaged following of photographers who loved the ease and simplicity of the platform. But its two founders needed a copywriter to guide their brand message so they can become the foremost booking platform for photographers who value a simple, straightforward, user-friendly platform to help them book their clients without putting in so much legwork.

By conducting research on the brand and sorting through customer testimonials to hack the voice of the customer (we found overwhelmingly that clients said Session is a 'game changer', which is now a primary driver in their marketing), we used this as the foundation to create the voice and strategy behind the brand, which informed the conversion-friendly copywriting on every page of this website.


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"Being a small two-person startup means you have to do everything yourself, even the things you are just not cut out for. We knew we needed help! Before Kayla, our messaging lacked confidence and continuity. Kayla was instrumental in creating a clear voice and strategy for our brand that our customers find familiar and can relate to.

Working with Kayla was a dream; she understood our space, our clients, and our goals and translated that into a complete messaging strategy for our website without losing our voice and the very things that make Session who we are as a brand. Since the relaunch of our website, our signups have gone up 40%! We can't thank you enough!"

"Since the relaunch of our website, our signups have gone up 40%. We can't thank you enough!"


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