Unleash your greatness and communicate what makes your brand unique.

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Elevated website copy that sounds like you, but better.

High-converting website copy that sounds like you, but better.

If you're ready to stand out & book more clients, you're in the right place.

website copywriter for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses

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Right now, you have a vision for what your business could be, but you're hiding from greatness. Even with all the copywriting templates chillin' in your Google Drive, you're frustrated trying to figure out your copy so your web designer can design your website already.

You KNOW that your best chance for success is hiring a professional who can infuse your copywriting with equal parts conversion, creativity, and SEO-friendliness.

Having the clarity to write the brilliant words that make you money isn't always so simple. Fortunately, I'm here to step in and make your copy dreams come true.

It's confidence that your message has the power to change your business, for good.

copywriting isn't just words on a page.

Writing Seen In & Trusted By These Brands:

Imagine what it would be like to have....

dream clients dialing you up because your website spoke to them.

a signature approach that's so unique that clients have to book y-o-u because you're the only one who can solve their problem... and they know it.

a messaging strategy in place that makes you money because it's not only true to your brand, it's powerfully crafted in every way.

Let's make it happen with website copywriting & brand messaging.

Showing up for your clients starts with a message that attracts the people you want to work with most. 

With brand copywriting, you'll have everything you need to connect with dream clients, book out, and influence in your space. With my pink legal pads, trusty keyboard, and a brain full of literary references + conversion best practices, I’ll make your copy shine.

It's time to connect with your potential clients in a new way that positions YOU as the expert.

Personality-packed, high-converting website copy for 4+ pages

A Brand Voice Guide that includes taglines, brand values, and voice hallmarks

One 60-90 minute intensive to unpack your brand message & strategize your website

Competitor & client research to help you speak to your people and stand out in your industry

Website strategy that guides the structure of your website for maximum conversions

In-depth client questionnaire to gain clarity on your project goals & brand direction

SEO Starter Kit including keywords, page titles, &  meta descriptions to help you rank

2 Rounds of Revision at each
phase of the project

Words can help you manifest the clients you can't wait to work with. Just ask past clients.

Working with me isn't like working with other copywriters who give you words and peace out.

i take the time to get clear on your vision, honor the details, and create copy that perfectly balances conversion strategy with story. 

you work closely with me, not a team of copywriters you've never met.

together, we discover what your clients love about your business, your vision for the future, and how the words you use fit your personality & approach, not a competitor's.

you get guided website strategy so you know that the layout & structure of your site attracts your clients *like that*.

you discover how to show your value & expertise in a way that's genuine & clear.

You get guidance on how to make your website copy work across platforms so you can post on social media & update your blog knowing you're on-brand every time.

Confidence in what you're saying & how you're saying it

A clear, compelling message that speaks to the right people

High-converting website copy you're proud to show people because it sounds like you, but better

Clarity around your values, your mission, and your vision, channeled through your marketing

A clearly articulated point of difference that *definitely* shows how you're different from the competitors

Powerful taglines, brand clarifiers, and headlines that work for your business across all platforms

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* have:


"You have literally mastered what I've had in my brain for years!"

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"You are a genius at what you do. Yes to everything! Total brand elevation."

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"I honestly thought there wasn't any way you could really get what I was trying to say but you did!"

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The Process

How this all works, from top to bottom.

magnetize your message

discover alignment

Leave the comparison at the door and discover confidence in what makes  your brand special.

See your vision transform into messaging that includes core storylines, a signature process, and clear conversion goals.

unleash your greatness

Have everything you need to show up to your business and attract dream clients through high-converting, strategic website copywriting.

bestselling copy



Before we write a single word of your website copy, we kick off the process with a brand intensive that guides you through your customer's journey and transformation so you feel fully confident you can attract the people you want to work with most.

In this process, you'll receive a custom-to-you collection of wording, phrasing, and ideas that shows who your brand is and how you’re speaking to prospects about what you do differently from the competitors & imitators.

This process includes both strategy and copywriting because strategy drives story ⁠— the pathway to a high-converting brand. 

Your project starts with an intensive that helps you speak to your dream clients.

Step 1

Now that we've set the foundation, we'll dive into copy headfirst, starting with a strategic plan for the website. We'll present your homepage in a Google Doc with visual hierarchies so you can envision the layout with ease.

Once you've approved the direction, we can move into the rest of your copy!

We work on your homepage, first.

Step 2

Your copy will be infused with an equal blend of your voice, your dream client's desires, and the science of conversion so your words wow. You'll receive your copy in a Google Doc, which includes SEO page titles and meta descriptions along with your copy outlined & organized so you can plug & play into your website.

We'll get to work on your website copy and make sure it's all ready for your design.

If you've chosen to include other add-ons like lead magnets, blog posts, email sequences, or quizzes, we'll work on those once your website copy is completed!

Step 3

Hey! I’m Kayla. 

Website Copywriter & Strategist

When it comes to your brand, it’s all about story, first. It shouldn’t come down to filling in the placeholder text in your design with generic words that won’t speak to your dream people. Because your story is special. It deserves to be told meaningfully by a fellow business owner & copywriter who gets you. 

Strategy is what makes your words powerful. With five years of writing experience writing and 100 happy clients who have gone through my signature process, I’m here to make words the starting point in your brand.

my qualifications ➙

Seen In & Trusted By:

Brand & Web Designers
Wedding Professionals
Wedding Venues
Wellness Experts
Photo Editors
Travel Advisors
Creative Agencies
.... and more.

I've worked with...

The investment for website copy starts at $5,000, scoped depending on the number of pages within your project.

Payment plan: 5 payments of $1K

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose The Literary Co to write my brand’s words?
I have the expertise to write your website, email sequences, and other core elements of your brand because I’ve worked with 100 happy clients. Not only do I have experience working with personal brands but also creative small businesses & entrepreneurs, too. My signature process will give you everything you need to resonate with your dream clients.

How do you speak like me?
Story is the foundation of the best brands. That’s why I start your experience with brand messaging, a process that allows us to dig into your why, your voice, and your business so we’re 100% confident in the voice & tone we project in the next step of the project. I conduct intense research into your brand and business so that you come away from this experience with total clarity and a strategy. (Plus, the Zoom calls included in your project— and lots of Instagram stalking!— helps me learn more about your desired brand voice.)

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What does a typical project timeline look like?
Because I only work with a few clients at any given time, you won't have to wait long to see your copy. This means you could easily launch your website sooner rather than later. This website copywriting experience is a 6 week process in which we build your brand story and write your website. We book 1-2 months in advance, so please plan ahead whenever possible! 

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! Your project is typically split into 4 separate payments. These payments are collected through Honeybook on an automated payment plan authorized when you book your start date.

Help! I need brand and web design. Do you offer these services?
The Literary Co is happy to recommend trusted brand and web designers who can partner with us on your project (you can even check out their work in the portfolio!). Simply ask us when you inquire and we’ll help you find the designer that best fits your vision.

Do you offer a la carte copywriting services?
Yes! I offer additional services to help you refresh existing copywriting or write sales pages, landing pages, email sequences, or even blog posts. Learn more here.

Can you help me name my programs or offer suggestions for taglines?
Absolutely! As part of every experience, we'll work together to name your offerings, drive the structure & framework of your site, and give you a lasting brand story that you can move forward with for years to come. Naming & taglines are all a part of this integral step you’re taking in your business.

Do you work on the Storybrand framework?
Yes! Storybrand is a cherished part of our process.

Bring the power of story to your brand. 

Get strategy, not stress.


Great words can turn readers into clients.







Unleash your greatness and communicate what makes your brand unique.

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Bringing the power of story to your brand so you can inspire, influence, and book more clients.