Website Copywriting Services &
Brand Messaging Strategy 

Does yours?

Sitting in front of a blank Google Doc trying to craft the high-converting words your website needs is nothing short of frustrating. Honestly? Your words don’t sound like you, and you've never felt more lost trying to find words that connect & convert.

Great brands tell great stories.

People don’t read anymore. I can get away with just a pretty site… right? 

be seen differently.

You don’t have time to stress about writing your copy, launching, and keeping your business running smoothly. But most of all, you don’t feel confident in your brand messaging strategy. 

It's time to cut through the crowd of fellow girlbosses and

But even the serial scrollers on your site
care about the words.

Conversions matter.

To get there, you have to start with story. 

We’ll help you get there, stress-free.

Are you ready?

What if you could...

✔️ Connect with prospects in a new way, turning them into clients as soon as they engage with your website
✔️ Increase bookings & inquiries
✔️ Have a stronger user experience on your website
✔️ Position yourself as an expert and influence in your space
✔️ Get to the next level in your business.

Your website should have the ink-slinging brilliance of the classics, with a dash of conversion strategy.

The Copywriting Collections

It’s Time To Approach Your Brand From a Place of Strategy, Not Stress.

The Manuscript

You’re ready to bring the power of story to your brand so you can connect with dream clients, book out, and influence in your space. We’re here to make that happen for you, with a full strategy collection that will accelerate your rebrand in weeks, not months. With high-level brand messaging strategy and copywriting for your website, see prospects finally connect with your unique voice, process, and services.


Estimated Timeline: 4-5 Weeks

Website Copywriting

4+ Pages of Website Copywriting 

• Brand Story Framework
• Mission, Vision, & Brand Positioning Statements
• Core Values
• On-Brand Concepts, Words, & Phrases
• SEO keyword research, page titles, & meta descriptions
….and more.

Strategy Calls

• 60-Minute Strategy Call 
• 30-Minute Debrief Call

Starting at $3,097

The Novella

You care deeply about your brand. But it doesn’t truly show your voice, your heart, and your vision. You’ve come up with your ideal client personas and have your mission statement down, but now you need help with the voice & tone of your website. With this collection, you’ll receive the 1-1 support of a copywriting strategist so you can distill your brand message into copywriting that genuinely connects with your dream clients.


Estimated Timeline: 4 Weeks

Starting at $2,097

Website Copywriting

3+ Pages of Website Copywriting

Copy Direction

• Storybrand Framework
• Verbal Landscape
• Brand Personality

Strategy Call

• 60-Minute Strategy Call 

The Process

How this all works, from top to bottom.

Before we write a single word of your website copy, we kick off the process with a brand intensive that guides you through your customer's journey and transformation so you feel fully confident you can attract the people you want to work with most.

That means you'll receive your brand story or full brand book within the first week of working together.

Your project starts with a brand intensive that helps you speak to your dream clients.

Step 1

Your Brand Book is a custom-to-you collection of wording, phrasing, and ideas that shows who your brand is and how you’re speaking to prospects about what you do differently from the competitors & imitators.

This process includes both strategy and copywriting because strategy drives story ⁠— the pathway to a high-converting brand. 

Now that we've set the foundation, we'll dive into copy headfirst, starting with the homepage. We'll present your homepage in a Google Doc with visual hierarchies so you can envision the layout with ease.

Once you've approved the direction, we can move into the rest of your copy!

We work on your homepage, first.

Step 2

Your copy will be infused with an equal blend of your voice, your dream client's desires, and the science of conversion so your words wow. You'll receive your copy in a Google Doc, which includes SEO page titles and meta descriptions along with your copy outlined & organized so you can plug & play into your website.

We'll get to work on your website copy and make sure it's all ready for your design.

If you've chosen to include other add-ons like lead magnets, blog posts, email sequences, or quizzes, we'll work on those once your website copy is completed!

Step 3

"My site is now #1 in my primary SEO keyword target, and I am consistently in the top 5 for my second keyword!"

When I found out that my current "go to copywriter" was shutting down her business several months before my big website launch my heart dropped. I searched desperately to find any other creative copywriters and came across Kayla's website. Cue the hallelujah chorus because I am SO glad I did!! Kayla was able to take all my brain dump and turn it into the website copy of my dreams. 

Not only did she write compelling on brand copy BUT now I am happily sitting at number one in my top SEO keywords. I was so nervous going into such a big project, but Kayla blew me away with every final page she sent over. I know for a fact that I would not have had my website done in time if it weren't for Kayla.

- Kristen Neiditch

"I feel so much more confident in my website copy and in my brand's voice..."

Before I investing in Kayla, it would take me tons of time to write and re-write my website content and then I would spend so much time second-guessing it and worrying that it wasn't good or speaking directly to my ideal client.

After working with Kayla, I feel so much more confident in my website copy and in my brand's voice so that I can show up in the way that my audience needs me. Plus it saved me so much more time than if I had done it myself which is invaluable to me.

Kayla went above and beyond. Thank you so much!

- Quill & Co Design

"Our customers have resonated with the copy she developed, and it is helping us build rapport."

Kayla made the process so easy. She did her research to learn our niche market and the resulting copy was spot on. Our customers have resonated with the copy she developed, and it is helping us build rapport. My favorite part of the copy is how versatile it is. It is written in a way that is easy to use on different platforms.

The copy also streamlines our packaging decisions and social media management.

We can take what she developed for the website and easily adapt it for our current need.

- Farm Fresh Wheat

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose The Literary Co to write my brand’s words?
We have the expertise to write your website, email sequences, and other core elements of your brand because we’ve worked with more than 75 happy clients. Not only do we have experience working with personal brands, but it’s also our passion to write for creative small businesses & entrepreneurs, too. Our signature process will give you everything you need to resonate with your dream clients.

How do you speak like me?
We believe that story is the foundation of the best brands. That’s why we start your experience with your Brand Book, a process that allows us to dig into your why, your voice, and your business so we’re 100% confident in the voice & tone we project in the next step of the project. Plus, the two phone calls included in your project (and lots of Instagram stalking!) help us learn more about your desired brand voice.

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What does a typical project timeline look like?
Because we only work with a few clients at any given time, we are able to offer competitive timelines on our projects. This means you could easily launch your website in weeks, not months! Our website copywriting experience (“The Manuscript”) is a 4-week process in which we build your brand story and write your website. Our other experiences typically vary between two to six weeks. We book a month in advance, so please plan ahead whenever possible! Get in touch to see if your start date is available.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! We only require a 20% deposit to book your project date, and then two additional payments. 40% is due before our start date, while the remaining 40% is due after our project is completed. These payments are collected through Honeybook on an automated payment plan authorized when you book your start date.

Help! I need brand and web design. Do you offer these services?
The Literary Co is happy to recommend trusted brand and web designers who can partner with us on your project (you can even check out their work in the portfolio!). Simply ask us when you inquire and we’ll help you find the designer that best fits your vision.

Do you offer a la carte copywriting services?
Yes! Get in touch with more project details so we can create a custom collection for you. We also offer editing day rates. Learn more here.

Can you help me name my programs or offer suggestions for taglines?
Absolutely! As part of every experience, we see it as our job to work with you to name your offerings, drive the structure & framework of your site, and give you a lasting brand story that you can move forward with for years to come. Naming & taglines are all a part of this integral step you’re taking in your business.

Do you work on the Storybrand framework?
While Storybrand is a cherished part of our Brand Book process, we are proud to offer our own signature steps towards crafting your best brand story.

Bring the power of story to your brand. 

Get strategy, not stress.


Great words can turn readers into clients.




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Get your brand message and website copywriting done without the stress.

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