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Designer and brand photographer Jess Madsen was ready to raise her prices, elevate her brand experience, and begin building the business of her dreams. While she had taken countless copywriting courses, she still struggled to create a cohesive, aligned, and inspired brand message that combined her passion for herbalism with her organic, artisan approach to brand design, web design, and photography.

We grounded Jess' shared values and perspective with her audience in the Storybrand framework and articulated her vision in website copywriting that is inspired by the Pacific Northwest, herbalism, and the woods to attract a client who loves a handmade, creative approach to building a brand.


artisan, grounded, holistic, organic, earthy


Brand Messaging & Website Copywriting

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wildcraft studio

"Before working with Kayla I really struggled to find the right words to encapsulate my business and my offerings. The truth is, creating content and compelling copywriting for yourself is incredibly difficult and I knew I wasn’t telling my brand story in a way that really felt connected. Trying to piece things together late at night was not cutting it anymore. I knew my skills and offerings were high quality and I wanted my copywriting to reflect that as well.

Kayla was able to take all of my thoughts and visions and turn it into something that I’m proud to show off. It’s so important for me to outsource the things in my business that aren’t my zone of genius, and copywriting was one of them. Knowing that my website copy really reflects my heart and story makes me feel so much confident about my services. In all of my discovery calls now, clients tell me how they knew they wanted to work with me because of how I spoke to them on my website. They knew that they were in the right place. I can’t thank Kayla enough for her help in crafting the perfect copy for my website."

"In all of my discovery calls now, clients tell me how they knew they wanted to work with me because of how I spoke to them on my website."


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