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If you can’t put it into words yourself, feel overwhelmed, and need some brand clarity like, yesterday, you opened up to the right chapter.

Hey! I’m Kayla Dean.

Website Copywriter & Strategist

Someone wise once said, “I contain multitudes.” That’s how I think about my work with business owners like you. We all contain multitudes. We all have a story in us, just waiting to break free. Sometimes it’s telling that story that poses the difficulty. Because you have plenty of amazing ideas and incredible experiences to share with the world. You just need the right copywriter to bring it out of you and make it click-worthy (because, conversions) & storybook good (because it can’t be boring).

This all started with books. Reading them. Writing them. Sharing them. It’s no surprise, then, that I got my B.A. and M.A. in English Literature, filled an apartment full of more books than you can count in an hour, and spent most of 2017 trying to write with a typewriter. After gathering up bylines at everything from local weekly magazines to household names, I put up my small-business shingle and started working with business owners like you in 2018.

More than anything, I care about making your brilliant ideas sound amazing. Because stories make up who we are. 

Sharing them brings us genuine connection with others. Bringing those stories into your business means letting others become part of your story, too.

My goal? To turn around your brand story for good with transformational copywriting that supports your business for years to come.

In other words, I create copywriting that helps you come from a place of strategy, not stress.

What makes me qualified to write for your brand?

Bachelor's & Master's Degree in English Literature

Writing professionally since 2014

Online business owner since 2018

Worked with 100+ clients

Rave reviews, from clients, agencies, & designers

Work featured in national publications

Experience writing for 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs

Professional development with Copyhackers, Copywriting for Creatives, and other industry standard courses

Things You Should Know About Me

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I’m crazy about untranslatable and beautiful words.
(And have a whole Pinterest board full of them!)


I have an addiction to reading
(and there’s a name for it)


My favorite city is London. When I visited, I couldn’t resist making my visit full of my favorite literary heroes and authors.


Chances are, I’m never too far away from something pink. As I like to say, it’s my spirit color. Seriously.
Not kidding.


I own a typewriter from 1948 (a birthday present from my husband Matt). I don’t use it to write with, but it still works! Just as soon as I replace the ribbon…


I have hundreds of books on my TBR (to be read pile) on Goodreads. Asking me about my favorite book is like asking me to pick just one adventure to love.


Bring the power of story to your brand. 

Get strategy, not stress.


Great words can turn readers into clients.


Bringing the power of story to your brand so you can inspire, influence, and book more clients.