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You didn’t go into business to be a copywriter. So why are you still trying to write your copy all by yourself?

Yet it feels like all you do (or need to do, because procrastination is so real) is your COPY. 

Everywhere you hang out, from the ‘gram to the podcasts you listen to, all you can see is that copywriting is what you need to move forward and make waves as a business owner.

Still, it’s hard to talk about yourself. But more than that, it’s difficult to know WHAT to say, HOW to say it, and WHERE that message should live within your business. 

You know you need some help… but where on earth do you get started?

Do you...

Use mad-lib style copywriting templates and struggle to stand out where everyone else just sounds the same online (as you halfheartedly try to nurture your audience)?

Create Reels but mostly just end up frustrated by the algorithm, wishing for a way for your content to speak for you on other platforms that you actually own?

Wish you could grow your email list with great content but mostly just feel burned out by the idea of creating a unique newsletter that people want to read?

Attempt writing a sales page that doesn’t get the people you want into your programs because you don’t know what copy elements need to be in place for you to attract dream clients?

Join a copywriting course from a big-name copywriter with so many students they can’t give you the time of day?

You want to do big things, like launch a program, create a course, or simply nurture your subscribers beyond the pages of your website. 

You want a website that speaks for you. A brand message that works. A strategy that you can return to on-repeat because it’s dialed in to the people you want to work with most. You want clients that value and respect you, people who get it and believe you are worth paying WELL because your words spoke to them.

As a hardworking creative business owner, you’re good at what you do. But your copywriting and content isn’t pulling its full weight to help you grow as a business owner. 

You need a better way to write copy that actually works, high-level help that can’t be found in freebies or other courses.

What if I told you there was a way to become your own copywriter? To learn how to write each element of copy in your business so you can not only own the process but write with                 and                   , all while sounding              as you attract dream, high-ticket clients?




Too good to be true? I think not!

that's exactly why i created...

self study edition

Hiring a copywriter every time you need something isn’t working, but you need high-level support by your side, and better strategies than the freebies you’ve been piecing together or random courses gathering dust in your inbox.

You know that you need a better way to differentiate yourself. But hiring a copywriter every damn time you need something? That’s not an option.

Wouldn’t it be nice to open up a Google doc and write that page of copy you need, any time you want and on-demand?

What if you could be your own AMAZING copywriter for your business so you can have better ROI and build community around your brand?

Tired of Googling around looking for ‘how to write a sales page’ or ‘how to write a great homepage’ and not sure who to trust online.

Needing to make copy less overwhelming so you can just write and be done already.

Done with copywriting templates that gave you a general idea for structure and implementation but left you hanging when it came to writing with personality and magnetizing people to your unique way of doing things.

Struggling to write copy that you know will get results.

Fed up with courses that promise ‘hot seats’ to a select few, passing you over for feedback that would offer you greater success.

Frustrated after hiring a copywriter. They were great, but now you want to update your copy and see it succeed for the long haul.

Needing to nail your brand language and delve deeper into strategy work (yes, strategy can happen without a visual rebrand!).

Desiring to learn website copy, but at the same time, ready to learn other types of copywriting, too. (After all, your copy can’t write itself.)

This is right for you if you’re…

"I am so much more confident in my writing in general, and about writing to my audience in particular."

“I am SO thrilled with my experience in The Copy Society! I was drawn by the prospect of learning to write for myself by working with Kayla to develop my skills. At the time, I was uneasy about the size of the investment I was making. It was so worth it!! I gained SO much confidence. Writing my brand messaging guide really forced me to think about exactly what I bring to the table and why I'm different, and it made all of the subsequent writing much easier.

I found TCS so valuable not only because all my copywriting is done for a while, but because I have the knowledge and skills now to write and talk about what I do and why it's of unique value. I have so many more skills than I expected from the program!

I expected to get formats for different copy types, and was grateful to get that. Not only did I learn how to talk and write thoughtfully about my brand, but I also can now write any lead magnets, blog posts, email sequences, and sales pages with SO much more confidence. 

Now, I am so much more confident in my writing in general, and about writing to my audience in particular. I know that my new website will attract the right potential clients, ones that value my perspective and what I can do for them. I'm also much more confident going into sales calls, because the program forced me to learn to speak compellingly about my brand."

- rebecca fulk, buttercup celebrations

Here’s a look inside the program:

The Copy Society Has 5 Core Modules.

Copy Foundations

How to take the brand messaging strategy you created in the first few modules and apply it to your website in a goal-oriented way
How to write copy for your home, about, services, portfolio, and contact pages on your website with the help of my guided frameworks
Writing basics that will elevate your writing and help you convey your thoughts clearly
Editing your writing, spotting errors, and improving the overall flow and experience of your words.

module one

Research and Excavation

Before we write a word of copy, I will show you my exact methods for client research and customer data so we can write great words, powered by language from your customers.

module two

Brand Messaging

You’ll discover how to position and differentiate yourself, stand out in your space, clarify your voice, and write your customer journey. Students spend more time in this module, as the brand messaging document you create will serve as a foundational piece to everything else you’ll write in The Copy Society.

module three

Website Strategy & SEO

In this module, we’ll work together to layout your website pages, build out strategic SEO queries you can incorporate into each page of copy, and even run a heatmap on your site to collect data and see what performs.

module four

Website Copywriting

With your brand message and website strategy pieces in hand, you’re equipped to write your website copy. It may seem counterintuitive not to start here, but students found the most clarity from building a solid foundation before writing with a strong message and strategy built to convert, connect, and attract without gimmicks.

module five

You’ll learn…

We’ll begin by sharing some copy basics so you can get your feet under you as we begin the program and get writing! Students like this module because we don’t overwhelm you with tons of writing at first. You’ll have the chance to learn about the basics of copy before setting out to write.

My exact method for conducting SEO keyword research
How to write page titles and meta descriptions
What pages your website really needs
How to run a heatmap on your website before, during, or after you launch your new copy

You’ll learn…

The six foundations that the best copywriting has in spades
How to start looking at copywriting from a critical perspective so you understand what works
How to begin building your own copywriting swipe file full of inspiration and ideas
Why you need a ‘copywriting ecosystem’ to truly grow your business and reach dreamier clients

You’ll learn…

Why we do customer research… and what can happen if you miss this critical step
Where to conduct research and find helpful soundbites from ideal clients
Questions to ask in surveys, testimonial forms, and customer research calls

You’ll learn…

My exact process for creating brand messaging guides
Brand positioning and creating a strong founder bio that helps you stand out
Taglines that attract attention and grab your readers
Developing your brand voice & personality
Writing mission, vision, and value statements
How to take the Storybrand framework you know & love and apply it masterfully to your business (even if you’ve read the book, you’ll learn something new in this particular training!)

You’ll learn and write…

With your brand message & website copy as the foundation, you’ll then extend your message into other pieces like sales pages, email sequences, and more.

These modules are the core curriculum of The Copy Society. 

Enroll in self study and get the following...



Best Savings


2 monthly payments

Great Value



Flexible Payment Plan

OR, two easy options to spread out the investment:

Opportunity to upgrade to the group program at a later date​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Want to give TCS a try before joining the group program? This is the perfect way to do so!

Two bonus workshops from the group program get access to my Customer Research Workshop and Bonus Self Editing Talk from our live cohorts

My signature brand messaging guide Google Docs template so you can create your brand messaging guide using the same principles as my 1-1 clients 

LIFETIME Access to the course curriculum so you can revisit it anytime you need or want a refresher 

Chance to save as much as $300 off a website audit with Kayla If you do decide you'd like my eyes on your copy, you can add an audit on at checkout or save with your TCS student discount

Copy Swipe File with loads of tangible, real-world examples of strong copywriting that will set you on the right path and show you what works

Copywriting templates for Home, About, Service(s), Portfolio, and Contact pages 

The FIVE core modules — On copy foundations, customer research, brand messaging, SEO, and web copy 

12 months Access to the live group and community with Private group Slack channel where you can ask me and the group questions

FOUR additional course modules on Sales & Landing Pages, Lead Magnets & Tripwires, Email Sequences, and Content Strategy & Blogging

You'll get full access to everything included in the self study course —the first five modules, templates, examples, and perks along with...

Program VIP

Enroll as a 

That's an option, too!

looking for more support, beyond a simple diy?
that's what the group program is here for.

Access to my twice-monthly Office Hours where you can hop into my virtual office and ask me anything about copy

Customized feedback on the materials you write in the program -- that's like getting multiple audits for free! Think of me as your copywriter on speed dial.

TCS students love the personalized feedback, community element, and resources available in this program.

Sales & Landing Pages

Once your website copy is complete, we will take an in-depth look at how to write long-form sales pages (like the one you’re reading right now!) for day rates, courses, programs, and products.

module six

Lead Magnets & Tripwires

You’ll discover what makes a good lead magnet, the pros and cons of each type, and get group feedback on which idea to move forward with.

module seven

Email Sequences

You’ll write a winning email sequence that inspires people to open your messages and take action. You’ll also discover how to create a branded newsletter people are excited about so you can maintain your subscriber base and grow week to week!

module eight

Content Strategy & Blogging

You will learn how to write blog posts that speak to search engines and people, all while boosting traffic to your site and bringing people into your orbit.

module nine

Different types of email sequences and what they’re meant to accomplish
How to write a welcome sequence that pairs well with a lead magnet
How to create a weekly or monthly newsletter that piques interest and makes people want to work with you in the long term

You’ll learn…

How to apply the keyword research method you learned for your website copy and instead search for long-tail keywords that would work best as blogs and cornerstone content
How to create a content strategy that works, based on your messaging, existing assets, and goals as a business
Blog writing structure that will streamline your processes

You’ll learn…

The differences between sales and landing pages, plus how to know which one you need for which offerings
How to write your sales page using my guided framework
How to write different types of landing pages 

You’ll learn…

How to generate ideas your audience wants
Different formats lead magnets can take, and which one will suit your business
The rhetorical moves to make in a lead magnet
What tripwires are, how they work, and whether they could fit into your overall strategy

You’ll learn…

In the group program, you'll also learn...

“By the time I finished the website copy, I was already standing taller and saying to myself, "Of course I'm worth these higher rates!”

“What sold me on investing in this program was that it promised to be the last copywriting program I'd ever need. Having never taken a copywriting course and knowing that I needed to rewrite my website, I was pretty psyched that it would be ‘one and done.’

“The beauty of an extended program like this is that it allowed for a transformation of my mindset, in addition to reaching the specific goals of learning about and writing copy for my business. The process of developing my Brand Messaging Guide gave me so much clarity about what I have to offer and how it differentiates me from other website designers. 

“Through the process of writing my website copy, as I was going through the process of singing my own praises over and over again, I realized I had gained all the confidence I needed. Because of this, I have increased my hourly rate by 68%. I am now charging $75/hour!

“Kayla has developed a really great program and is a wonderful writing coach. It's clear that she wants her students to understand the concepts so they can develop their own writing skills. The pace and structure of this program allowed me to really absorb and put into practice the building blocks of brand messaging– and not just for any brand, for MY brand.

“After completing the foundational steps of research and planning, I was surprised to discover that writing the website copy and the lead magnet and nurture sequence came quite naturally. I really feel that I've reached a higher level of authority in how I see myself and I know that will carry over into the clients I attract.

“I walk away now with my new website written and a lead magnet and nurture sequence complete. But the best part is that the knowledge I've gained and the brand messaging guide I developed are the foundation for all my future writing. I'm quite sure I wouldn't have been able to accomplish what I did without the extended, structured, and supportive way this program is designed. 

“So, you guessed it, I've just completed the last copywriting program I'll ever need! In case you're wondering, yes, it was REALLY REALLY worth it!”

- Kerry Thompson

Think of The Copy Society as a hub for all things copywriting. Although the course content is completed and always available, we’re always building new things. You’ll have the opportunity to request resources so we can add them to the roadmap and create things that provide value to your business.

The Opportunity to Request Resources Made for You

In addition to the robust course content, you'll also have access to bonus workshops on supplemental topics. You'll receive these direct to your inbox and in the course content, where you can watch the recordings and even submit ideas for future workshops. 


You may have noticed I don’t call this ‘course’. 

That’s because there is a TON of personalized support built into The Copy Society, including…

You’ll join our group Slack channel, where you can ask questions, share ideas, or request feedback on your drafts. Not only can you message the group and interact with our threads, but you’ll also have 1-1 Slack access to me during your time in the program to get any additional support you may need. 

A Private Slack Channel

Twice a month, I'm available for office hours. That means you can knock on my virtual door, step into my office, and ask anything you'd like about copy, content, messaging, or something you're working on. This is truly an opportunity to ask me anything related to copywriting.

Office Hours

This includes in-document feedback, tracked changes, and, when it’s needed, Loom videos giving you direct, actionable, specific feedback to make your writing better and supercharge your confidence. Because sometimes you just need a copywriter to let you know if you’re on the right track.

Draft Reviews

apply now

12 months of mentorship & community

9 modules, including slide decks, copywriting swipe files, course materials, how-tos, and frameworks

Draft reviews from Kayla on the copywriting you produce in the program (we’re talking in-doc comments, Loom videos, and detailed feedback that’s personalized to YOU and your goals)

Access to office hours where you can log on and ask Kayla questions about what you're working on

what's included

Bonus Workshops on supplemental topics, chosen by the group

Exclusive Group Slack channel, where you can ask questions, connect with creative business owners, and submit copy for feedback

Lifetime access to the course materials and updates, even after your time in the live program concludes

A custom-embroidered, exclusive group sweatshirt to welcome you into the group. We’ll send this along as a welcome gift to celebrate you! It’s the perfect thing to wear as you cozy up with your favorite bev to work on your copy.



After the first 5 modules, you can choose your own adventure. For example, if your business doesn’t need a sales page right now, then you can do something else, like write a lead magnet or email sequence. The beautiful thing is that in the future, that framework will be available to you whenever you’re ready to use it. 

Choose Your Adventure


This isn’t a ‘hot seat’ kind of place. I’ll give you direct but helpful feedback but won’t shame you, throw shade, or embarrass you about your writing. This is a safe place for you to learn without feeling pressured or like you’re ‘on the spot.’

Safe Space to learn


This program is a hybrid of 1-1 and group coaching, a writing program, and a course. We’ve created The Copy Society with intention and to share something truly different. We didn’t see others offering a comprehensive solution that addresses more than one level of copywriting. Now, there is one.

Unique Program


This is a 12-month self-paced program, meaning that you’ll have the time, space, and support you need to get this done. Instead of sending you off after a few weeks, you’ll have 1 year of access to me (Kayla) and this group, as well as lifetime access to the course content itself.

12-month program


This sounds like a lot of work.
 How will I write all this copy?

You may be thinking…

There are extensive support systems inside TCS, including group calls, coworking, a Slack channel, and draft feedback. You’ll never feel lost because you’ll always have guidance available at every step. If you need help with something, we’re here for you. 

Support Systems


I know that investing in a program like this isn’t something you take lightly. That’s why the materials in the program are carefully crafted with creative entrepreneurs in mind and infused with the right support so you can truly engage, dive in, and grow your skills. 

You will receive guaranteed feedback, mentorship, guidance, and direction so you can not only write your own copy but get sh*t done without the overwhelm of doing so all by yourself.

Whether you’re editing and rewriting existing copy or creating entirely from scratch, this is the perfect place for you to build your skills and boost your confidence level in your copywriting abilities.

While you could hire a copywriter to potentially write ONE piece of copy for you, with The Copy Society you’ll have the ENTIRE system you need to write copy that helps you grow your business in a bigger way AND you’ll have a copywriter on call for a year to give you feedback and support!

Whether you’re an advanced business owner who’s simply tired of outsourcing or earlier on in business and ready to set your best foot forward from the beginning, you’ll find it here in TCS.

Your investment for



Best Savings


12 monthly payments

Flexible Option

OR, a payment plan option to spread out the investment:

“I've taken other programs and never got this level of personalization and encouragement before.”

“Before the program, I felt like every time I went to write I didn't know where to start. When I did try writing, my copy sounded so generic and dry. I wanted to learn how to really connect with my audience in a non-salesy, authentic way. Now I feel so connected to my messaging and excited to share. Also, this program really made me think about the packages I want to offer, so I increased my rates. Still in the process of maybe raising again!

My favorite part of the group was the warmth and care Kayla put into every aspect of the program. You can tell she truly cares about her students and wants them to feel ready to take on any copy aspect of running a small business.

As for value, the messaging guide is really an amazing resource and foundation that I can go back to again and again instead of feeling like I'm starting from scratch everytime I go to write. The starters are a great resource and I loved the tip of using swipe files for inspiration. 

 Kayla takes the time to really encourage and work with each member. I've taken other programs and never got this level of personalization and encouragement before. If you're a business owner and you struggle to write your own copy, run, don't walk to join The Copy Society. I feel like I got a behind-the-scenes view from a true professional on how to really connect to my audience in an authentic way. Now when I sit down to write, I feel so ready and excited to share.”

- Liz Phillips, H&H Creative

I have answers to your

burning questions!

How is this different from other copywriting courses or programs out there?

Unlike copywriting courses that are focused solely on one type of copy, this program offers support in all areas of writing for your business. That means you’ll come out of this experience as a better writer for your business who is equipped to write well & write confidently for everything you need content for. 

I’m a copywriter myself. Should I apply?

This program is made for business owners who are not copywriters themselves. That being said, we *may* welcome some copywriters into the program if it’s a good fit, but we will prioritize other business owners who apply because that is who the program is ultimately made for! 

Chances are, if you’re a copywriter, you’re better off seeking out copywriting education that is specific to working with clients. This program isn’t intended for you to learn and then sell your services as a copywriter. We *may* do something like this in the future in a different program and will keep you posted if that ends up being the case!

This is a big investment for me. Are you sure it will work?

Investing in your business is a big deal! That’s why we’re offering flexible payment plans for both the program and the course! You can save by paying in full, or start right away with a smaller payment. Plus, you’ll come away from this program feeling more confident than ever in your copywriting skills, allowing you to make back your investment, and more.

Do I need to know a lot about copywriting to join this program?

Not at all! While it’s ideal to have a working knowledge of the value of great copywriting, I’m here to teach you how to write for your business. We’ll walk you through each step and improve your copywriting individually and within the group setting. If you ever get stuck, I’m just a Slack message away and always willing to help!

How many people will be in the group?

Right now, we have about 10 people in the group, although this number can vary, as everyone's enrollment dates are different. Regardless, it's a smaller group format that ensures that everyone has a fair shot at receiving guaranteed feedback, guidance, and mentorship at every step. The self-study course is entirely independent and self-paced.

There’s a lot of material in the program. How will you make sure I don’t get overwhelmed?

Because this program doesn’t whip through major copywriting principles in a few weeks, you’ll have time to settle in, watch (and re-watch) course materials, receive mentorship, and learn. You’ll learn about copywriting, but also have time to implement and get feedback to ensure you’re on the right track. Also, you have me in your corner to oversee your writing, give feedback, and help you improve your instincts.

When is this program reopening?

We're only accepting applications to the program through Monday, November 27. After that, we're closing enrollment until sometime in 2023. If you want to join the course, however, you can hop in at any time!

Can’t I just do this myself?

Could you? Most people struggle to write copy for their business because of a lack of structure, accountability, mentorship, and guidance. In this program, you’ll receive all of those things and come away with copy for your business that will help you sell and grow on repeat.

When is this program running?

This program is meant to be a 12-month container. That may seem like a long time to work on your copy, but we don't just give you basics and send you off. You're joining a close-knit group where you'll have access to an all-inclusive, comprehensive hub of copywriting resources all created to guide you from message to web copy to the other pieces of your marketing. This can take time. It's a self-paced program, so you can go as fast or slow as you like. You can come to every call or just show up sometimes. It's totally up to you.

Is this only for people in North/South American time zones?

We’re in the Eastern time zone, but scheduling is also ideal for others, including Pacific, Mountain, and Central. We do welcome people from all regions, but please note that office hours will most align with the Western hemisphere.

What if I have more questions?

Email me at or dm on on Instagram You can also add any questions you have in your application to the program when you fill out the form below. I personally answer every message and will be happy to help!

You Have a Choice

There's a better way to get your copy done this year.

buy the course

apply for the group

Become your own copywriter.

Join the interest list now to receive instant access to the free training How to create a copywriting ecosystem that attracts your best clients on repeat. 

In the training, you’ll learn all the details about The Copy Society. We’re so excited to support you and feel honored you are here!

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