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Raising your prices? Changing up your brand experience? Just hired a designer for a visual rebrand?

copywriting services

Then you need brand messaging and copywriting aligned with your new direction in business.


With the right message, you'll have exactly what you need to convey your story, captivate dreamy clients, and stand out.

You're a talented service provider or wedding pro— that's a given!

When you hire me as your copywriter, you're getting a fast track to messaging that attracts dreamy clients and entices them to fill out your inquiry form. Instead of worrying that your pricing will drive them away, you can rest confident knowing that clients will fall in love with your experience and identify with what makes you special as a brand. 

Allow us (me as your copywriter, plus my trusty team!) to ask the right questions, identify what clients love about you, and write copy that gets you booked. Signed, sealed, delivered in just weeks.

All the same, standing out in a 'saturated' industry can feel hard. With my help, it doesn't have to be.  

- Kiersten Roy

"Kayla was able to find things about me that made me different from my competitors. It's sometimes hard to see those things in ourselves, but she was able to pick up on the unique details that could be highlighted to make me stand out."

- Taylor Henderson

"She tailored a personalized nutrition plan to my exact needs and now I have the relationship with myself and food that I've always dreamed of. "

- Raelyn Mitchel

"Not only have a lost weight and feel healthier than ever, I enjoy cooking and food again! Brooklyn's attention to detail is unmatched."

You're at a crossroads in business: keep doing the same thing you've been doing for the past few years, or make a change. Right now, you're seeing some success, but you know that you are capable of so. much. more.

You see that next level in business so clearly. You know in your heart that you could be booking clients at a higher price point, taking on less (but more aligned) work, introducing that new offer, and honestly? Stepping into greater confidence and visibility in your business.

The primary thing that's holding you back is your message. It's what will create alignment not just for your website, but for your marketing and sales as a whole. You're here because you don't want to write it yourself and need a personalized, elevated copywriting experience to take what clients love about you and bring it to life in excellent copy.

Are you ready for clear, consistent, totally-me copy?

(if the answer is yes, you're in the right place!)

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If you're an established business ready to increase bookings, set a strong position in the market, and be brilliantly visible, the full experience is your next step as a brand.

In this high-level service, we interview a subset of your clients to access the voice of customer, then convey the story of your brand in a purposeful, strategic messaging guide, conversion-driven site map, SEO keyword strategy, and elevated copywriting. 

Website copywriting & brand messaging


the full literary experience - OUR SIGNATURE

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If you have a more streamlined website or need copy on a quicker timeline, the Copywriting VIP Day is for you. Choose from a few pages of website copywriting, a sales page, email sequence, quiz lead magnet, or even a general punch list of items.

We'll get you onboarded, do our prep work beforehand, and be in communication with you throughout the 8 hour writing day to write, edit, and prepare your copywriting for you. 

Copywriting VIP Day


the quick turn copy experience

Website copywriting may be your brand's bread-and-butter, but once that brand foundation is set, there are even more ways to work together. To keep things simple, we've housed our full suite of offerings and transparently listed pricing all in one place. 

From quiz lead magnets to sales pages, email sequences, and brand messaging strategy, you'll find it right here.

We write sales copy, too. For evergreen offers, group coaching programs, course launches, and digital products.

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behind The Literary Co?

Who is the 'We'

I'm unique in how I work with my contractors. I have brought trusted people into my business to support me in my collaboration with you. My online business manager, copy editor, and associate copywriter help me keep timelines moving, revisions on deck, and copy incoming.

As your copywriter and creative lead, I believe your experience should be highly personalized, so you can rest assured that I'm not handing your project off to strangers. :) I work closely with every client that comes through the door.

All the same, my team helps me serve my clients at the highest level with amazing copywriting, timely communication, and a boutique touch. It's why I only take on a select number of clients at any given time to ensure that you have a consistent, quality experience.

An elevated, powerful brand message

All you have to do is trust the process. From research to website strategy, conversion copywriting to SEO best-practices, we construct a message that’s standout so all the right people will line up to work with you. Get in touch to instantly book a 30-minute discovery call.

is waiting for you.