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A copywriter and strategist helping you book more clients through the power of your words.


Four years ago, with a master’s in English Literature in hand and a handful of magazine clips in my portfolio, I turned down a PhD program and set out to be a freelance writer instead. 

Little did I know I’d start a six-figure copywriting business and work with some of the top creative entrepreneurs in the business. Over 100+ clients later, I can confidently say that starting a creative business was the best decision I ever made. 

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2021 Year In Review

What can I say? 2021 was the year that I truly began stepping into my vision for The Literary Co. I’m emerging into next year with gratitude for everything that has become possible this year. I’m humbled and thankful for the positive experiences, opportunities, and projects I’m coming away with this year and all the incredible people who trusted me with their words.

To be honest, I’ve never done a business recap before. I’m used to simply getting through the year rather than having the time to contemplate, reflect, and plan as the year comes to an end. In other years, I concluded the year with a lot more stress than this one. After the insanity of 2020, I wasn’t quite sure what this year would be, but I’m immensely thankful for all it has been.

In August of 2018, I decided to start my own business. At that time, I didn’t think of myself as one— I was a freelancer, working on other people’s terms. So much has changed for me since then. Now, over 100 clients later, my business is nearly unrecognizable from when I first started. Even my brand name is different! 

In 2021, big things happened here at The Literary Co. In celebration, here’s the recap of the year.

All this wouldn’t be possible without you, so please know that I am so filled with gratitude that you are here reading this.

This was the year that I…

Hit 6 Figures in Revenue

In my third calendar year of business, I finally hit 6 figures! 🥂 This has been a goal of mine since I started my business, and what a milestone it is. I’m so grateful to the clients who made this possible.

As I always like to remind people, revenue does NOT equal take home pay but hitting this milestone does mean we can continue growing and setting our sights on big things in 2022!

Hired in My Business

I hired two contractors into my business this year, for project management and editing. This has been game-changing to keep projects on track, give clients a more quality experience, and maintain a doable pace within each project. I can confidently say that I’m coming out of 2021 with much better systems, processes, and signature approaches that make our offerings stronger than ever.

Launched a New Service

This year, I began offering brand naming services both as a standalone option or within my brand messaging strategy process. It has been so exciting to help several business owners name or rename their businesses this year!

Transformed My Day Rate Into a Copy Intensive

Instead of offering day rates, I converted my quick-turn service into a weeklong copy intensive with guaranteed deliverables. Not only does this offer more value to my clients, but it also means more sanity and a stronger process!

Had a Pivotal Brand Photoshoot

In December, I had my first-ever full-day photoshoot with styling, hair, and makeup as well as professional creative direction and shooting. Although I’ve had brand photoshoots before, this one was especially game-changing. The last time I had a photoshoot was nearly 2 years ago, so I’m excited to share and incorporate the new photos into our branding in 2022.

Set my Sights on New Goals

This is also the year that I began taking email marketing more seriously, saw more dream clients than ever, and made moves in my life to experience more balance and better mental health. 

I’ll be honest — like a lot of people, I experienced burnout in 2020, but this year was a big improvement. I’m grateful I was able to stick it out and get to a better place in my business and in my mental health. I’m stepping out of this year with a much more aligned sense of my offerings and how I want to show up in 2022, which is no small thing.

Although these aren’t directly related to my business, I also…

Moved Across the Country

In August, me and my husband Matt moved from Las Vegas, NV to West Palm Beach, FL. It was a big change but one we are so excited about! 

Spent a Month Abroad

This fall, we spent a month living, working, and travelling in Spain, as part of the company my husband works for is headquartered there. It was such an adventure to see Seville, Granada, Madrid, and other cities in Andalusia.

I’m relieved and excited that even with some big life changes this year, the business kept chugging along!

Next year I’m saying no to…

Inquiries that Aren’t a Good Fit

While I’ve been doing this for quite some time, I’ve decided to hone in even more on who I serve in my business. While for the past few years, I’ve said that I serve “creative entrepreneurs” more generally, I am now honing in on service providers, educators, coaches, and wedding pros. I generally do not work with product-based businesses, lifestyle, interior design, etc. I also typically avoid hourly work in favor of project-based payments, as this is not only a better value for my clients but also a far more sustainable way to work.

I have a big passion for working with brand + web designers, photographers, stylists, course creators, wedding planners, florists, and artists. While I sometimes make exceptions for clients with a strong personality fit, I am committing now more than ever to serving the clients I love working with most.

In 2022, a big goal of mine is to…

Launch an All-New Website

You’re hearing it here first: I’m launching a new website in 2022! Date is TBD but I can say for sure lots of exciting resources are headed your way next year as we make updates to The Literary Co so it’s better than ever!

Here’s to 2022! I hope that next year is a great one for all of us. 

Whether this year was a struggle or a celebration, I wish you all the best as you step into 2022 with your big dreams, goals, and plans.

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