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Create a brand message that works 
from the ground up so you can


Did you know that brand messaging could be the thing that sets you apart in business?

hey say that stories are 22x more memorable than facts. It’s why we don’t just smack a cute, thoughtless headline on a homepage and call it a day. It’s why we put thought into what copy goes onto packaging, in our Instagram bios, and on our websites. It’s why taglines crafted with intention bring people together and make campaigns memorable.


Brand messaging is the perfect first step to make those things happen, to reign in the right people because your core storylines, customer journey, and your positioning is clear, to-the-point, and powerful.


Whether you’re growing a team and need a guide that shows them how to be a part of telling your brand story, or simply in need of clarity around your core storylines, that’s what we’re here for.

What would it be like to have a brand messaging guide with elements like…

✓ Brand positioning that shows who you are & why you’re different
✓ Brand voice, tone, & hallmarks that clearly define your style
✓ Storybrand framework detailing your customer journey, and how you are the guide within your brand experience
✓ Industry-leading philosophies, values, and vision for your business
✓ Taglines, headlines, and actual verbiage you can use wherever you live online

What’s Included:

A 30+ page Brand Messaging Guide that includes positioning, brand language, the Storybrand framework, brand voice, content pillars, and so much more. 

Possible Add On:

Comprehensive brand research to help you speak to your people and stand out in your industry

One 60-90 minute intensive to unpack your brand message

In-depth client questionnaire to gain clarity on your project goals & brand direction

Up to 2 Rounds of Revision

In-depth Loom video sharing our approach and inviting your feedback

Up to 4 Customer Interviews

to gather voice of customer data, soundbites, and insights that will be incorporated into your messaging


Brand messaging is foundational to your success as a business owner. When you know your core storylines, can articulate what your brand is about, and express all that you are with style, clients flock to your unique way of doing things.

This service is perfect for the business owner who has an established brand but doesn’t have the basics of their messaging established, desiring a messaging guide to hand off to team members or elevate their existing copy. Also recommended for clients on the search for their brand’s message and needing immediate clarity around what their brand is all about.

What's the investment?


3 payments of $1,000

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* have:

Confidence in what you're saying & how you're saying it

A clear, compelling message that speaks to the right people

Clarity around your values, your mission, and your vision, channeled through your marketing

A clearly articulated point of difference that *definitely* shows how you're different from the competitors

Powerful taglines, brand clarifiers, and headlines that work for your business across all platforms

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Wait… how is this different from your website copywriting service?

Your questions,

Our signature website copywriting experience not only includes the words on your website, but also the brand messaging guide. If you know that you need both, we highly recommend booking them together. However, the brand messaging guide as a standalone is great if you don’t need our help with the website copy but need to nail the brand messaging foundations ahead of a launch or to hand off to team members to ease the onboarding process for people creating on your behalf. We also recommend this if you aren't ready to fully invest in the brand messaging and website copywriting service but know you want to work with us on both. This is the first step in the process, so you'll be well equipped to return and have us write your web copy if you desire!


Why are you different from other copywriters?

After working with more than 100+ clients, we have the portfolio, the results, and the proven process you need to get where you want to be in business. We stay in our zone of genius and specialize in working with women-owned, small creative brands and only work with clients we’re genuinely excited by. You can rest confident knowing that we are deeply familiar with your space and have the writing chops to elevate your brand. 

How do you sound like me after only speaking with me a few times?

As a copywriter who’s worked with creatives since 2018, we know the right questions to ask to discover in-depth insights that lead us to messaging gold. We also have a keen eye for seeking out patterns, doing research, and understanding you so that the resulting copy is reflective of your brand. We begin the project with a questionnaire and a 60-90 strategy call to go deeper and seek the right words. We then use these materials in addition to our brand research process to create a brand messaging strategy before writing any website pages. That means that by the time we’re writing your website, you’re totally happy with the direction and message of your brand!

How long does this take?

Our process for brand messaging takes approximately 2-4 weeks.

How far in advance do you book clients?

We usually book projects 1-2 months in advance and always recommend planning ahead wherever possible. Still, sometimes we have last-minute openings and always encourage you to reach out to see what our current availability looks like if you feel we’d be a good fit!

Do you offer payment plans?

Always! Your project fee is split into 3 monthly payments, collected through Honeybook via an automated payment plan that you approve when you book your start date. That means you’ll owe a deposit before we can onboard you and even have the ability to continue making payments after the project is over to make this investment more sustainable for you as a small business owner.

Do you conduct customer interviews?

While we analyze your testimonials and do extensive research on your brand and competitors as part of the process already, you may also add on customer interviews (for an additional fee) whereby we contact up to 5 past clients of your choice to ask them about the experience of working with you and incorporate these insights into the copywriting. Because some brands already have data on hand (an extensive bank of testimonials, client personas, interviews, etc.), we allow you to opt in or out of this. We’re happy to chat about this on our discovery call to help you make the best decision for your needs!

Do you use the Storybrand framework?

Yes! Every brand messaging guide includes the Storybrand framework as part of our process. Even if you’ve read the book and completed a Storybrand script for yourself, we find that most of the time our clients are eager and excited for us to elevate their ideas and harness their musings into a core messaging framework that exceeds their expectations. As someone who has guided hundreds of clients through the framework, we know what we’re talking about when we say it’s one of the best messaging frameworks out there!

An Elevated, Powerful Brand Message and Conversion Copy

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