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Help her continue to grow into an industry leader as a wedding marketer and clearly stand out from virtual assistants offering similar services for lower prices. That meant moving away from virtual assistant language, both from an SEO standpoint and a brand perspective.

Demonstrate and convey expertise in the wedding industry; Adrienna owned multiple wedding businesses before pivoting to marketing for wedding professionals. That lived experience is key to her expertise as a wedding marketer.

Re-vision the message to better convey values, style, and approach. We were excited to give her copy more flair so she could connect with the right people.

Project Goals

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Ava and the Bee

When Adrienna of Ava and the Bee reached out, the copy and voice of her brand didn’t feel connected. Even though her and her team regularly write content for clients, creating the messaging for her own business felt daunting. 

After being in business for several years and building her team, Adrienna had seen success. But because she began her business as a VA (and even teaches VAs who work in the wedding industry), the perception that she was an assistant and not a marketer was still following her years later. She wanted to convey how far her business had come, the full-service aspect of her offers, and extensive expertise in the wedding industry.

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Brand Voice

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Brand Messaging Strategy
Website Copywriting

The Project Scope

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so much more aligned, and a lot of them comment on how approachable but expert we are, which I know has to do with copy.”

"Since launching, our inquiries overall have been

- Adrienna, Ava and the Bee


Voice of

“I had a lot of things I didn’t enjoy doing, that I wasn’t necessarily knowledgeable at doing and that weren’t getting done.”

“As creative business owners, our businesses are our baby. It’s really hard to think that you can have someone care about your business as much as you do, but she shows it, she proves it.”

“The freedom it gives you to not look at social media constantly– I would give any amount of money for that.”

“An expert in all things weddings.”

 clients were initially nervous to outsource, they wanted to work with someone with specific expertise in the wedding industry, and they cared about a data-driven approach.

Through our voice of customer research, we found several things to be true:


the brand voice

Create a client experience before they even begin planning the wedding.


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The Finished Product

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“While I write for clients daily, coming up with copy for my own business, especially my website, was so daunting! I had tried to DIY for so many years but knew it was holding us back from the dream clients we wanted.

Working with Kayla was a dream! She made the whole process so clear and really made sure to dive into our business and learn everything about it. I loved that she did client interviews and spoke to some of our favorite clients to get insight on why they chose us and incorporated their words into the copy, since it really speaks to our audience SO much better.

Now, our copy portrays us as not just experts but as someone that our clients can trust. Kayla took all of the ideas in my head and created beautiful copy that tells our story, while also being strategic and answering all of those pain points that our clients have.

Not only does our website have clear messaging, but now our marketing across the board does! I love having our messaging guide whenever writing so that I am focused on our core messages.”

- Adrienna, Ava and the Bee

An elevated, powerful brand message

All you have to do is trust the process. From research to website strategy, conversion copywriting to SEO best-practices, we construct a message that’s standout so all the right people will line up to work with you.
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