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Wedding and Family Photographer


Construct a sentimental experience rooted in nostalgia; tug on clients’ heartstrings in each moment; tell stories that support our mission and invite clients into the experience.

Reposition the brand away from being primarily known as a wedding photographer and stand out as a Family Legacy Curator; organize services and offerings under the umbrella of the new Family Time Capsules message to convey an expertise in crafting an experience around preserving your family legacy.

Show how deeply she cares about family legacy, reaffirm that everyone has a story to tell; hone in on the emotional resonance of the message, that having a Family Time Capsule can change lives and create a generational ripple effect.

Communicate the value of signature and completely unique services that allow clients to transport themselves and loved ones back in time and preserve memories to last not one lifetime, but for generations to come.

Project Goals

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Family Time Capsules

Wedding and family photographer Lesly had a visionary new idea for her business: to become a Family Legacy Curator and extend her work outside of solely weddings and into legacy photography. Her core idea, centered around her new name of Family Time Capsules, was to not only offer a range of photography services, but to have an experience that allows families to have photo and video interviews sharing both day-to-day thoughts, key life stories, and lessons they want to pass on to their family’s next generation.

As part of this project, we not only wanted to unite Lesly’s various offerings under the Family Time Capsule message, but also clearly explain the value, impact, and purpose behind having your very own family time capsule.

empathetic, timeless, luxurious, accessible, welcoming, curated, authoritative, empowering

Brand Voice

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Brand messaging strategy
Website copywriting

The Project Scope

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They are an absolute dream team and have helped elevate my business drastically. I used to spend 5-7 minutes explaining my business, and now, I can do it in 90 seconds. It empowered me to raise my pricing by almost double!”

“I will recommend Kayla and The Literary Co. till the day I die. 

- Lesly, Family Time Capsules


Voice of

“When I looked at the pictures, I thought, ‘Wow, we are genuinely laughing and having a good time in this image.’”

“Honestly, if she’d given me a price out of budget, I probably still would have gone with her. She really put me at ease and eased the nervousness and excitement I was feeling.”

“She had an aura and a vibe that made us feel comfortable right from the start — which was exactly what we were looking for.”

“Lesly captured amazing moments where it was more than a picture, you could really see the emotion in the photo”

In speaking with Lesly’s clients, we found that they valued her kindness, quality of work, level of communication and attention to detail, and ability to surprise and delight her clients again and again.

Through our voice of customer research, we found several things to be true:

“We clicked right away and she was so sweet and bubbly and kind, yet professional. I thought those were all excellent character traits to have as someone who captures moments at such an important part of your life.”


the brand voice


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The Finished Product

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“Before hiring The Literary Co., my website lacked a strong, consistent brand tone. My elevator pitch was more like a 5-minute presentation, and my overall brand messaging didn't exist. Within a few weeks of hiring Kayla, she and her team delivered my Brand Messaging, and I instantly felt relief. I could finally share the vision and purpose of my business in a concise, professional way!

She took all my unorganized thoughts and developed a Brand Messaging Guide that I cherish so much. I can't thank her enough for creating this valuable resource! I incorporate it into my client guides, emails, brochures, and social media marketing. There's no way to put a price on this investment, and the ROI will be significant!

I really love the luxurious, authoritative tone of my new website copy. My business stands out not only in the services I offer but now, in the messaging in which I communicate those services. 

I will recommend Kayla and The Literary Co. till the day I die. They are an absolute dream team and have helped elevate my business drastically. I was blown away every step of the way. I couldn't believe how perfectly Kayla captured the essence of my ‘why’ and turned it into a succinct message that I can now share with everyone I meet. I used to spend 5-7 minutes explaining my business, and now, I can do it in 90 seconds. I tear up reading my Brand Messaging Guide. Kayla, thank you, from the bottom of my heart!! I'm so glad I found you!”

- Lesly, Family Time Capsules

An elevated, powerful brand message

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