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Cultivate, attune, and refine a brand voice that both new and longtime clients of With Grace & Gold will connect with. The heart of the brand had a compelling story, and we wanted to be sure to share that in a new and amplified way.

Build a stronger founders story around Kelly and Andra that conveys expertise while still coming across as friendly, kind, and real. Through this story, we cultivated more brand loyalty, awareness, and connection.

Keep the brand from being too youthful as With Grace & Gold moves into becoming a legacy business; avoid being a web designer that tries to have 'mass appeal'; create a sense of exclusivity and true luxury but in a way that creates connection in a personal way.

Project Goals

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With Grace and Gold

As highly established and award-winning designers, Kelly and Andra are acclaimed and beloved by creatives and wedding pros alike for their polished, strategic designs. As they were approaching ten years in business, they felt ready to uplift their messaging, share what sets them apart, and convey the story and heart of With Grace & Gold.

They were ready to discover a more clear, focused presence and continue to be a go-to for clients. Because we frequently work together on client projects in a referral capacity, they were excited to see the same caliber of messaging come to life in their own brand.

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Brand Voice

With Grace & Gold

Customer Interviews
Brand Messaging Strategy
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The Project Scope

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We've seen how your clients' voices can really be heard and experienced through copywriting — and we love having the same thing for With Grace and Gold!”

"We love working with you because

- Audra, With Grace and Gold


Voice of

“People reference my website and comment on how beautiful it is.”

“We wanted to elevate the brand & website to showcase what we do, and to show our personality, expertise, and approach.”

“My business has expanded, my style has evolved, and my clientele has grown. I’ve experienced so much growth, but I realized my online presence wasn’t growing with me.”

“They’re on the forefront of what’s new. They’re open to my ideas, but they are really about the customer and client experience. It’s not only me as their client, but they are also thinking about my clients.”

In interviewing Kelly and Andra’s clients and reviewing their bank of rave reviews, we could narrow in on what makes them a go-to brand for so many.

Through our voice of customer research, we found several things to be true:

“When it came time to do the grown-up version of my website, they were the only choice. I love the experience as a whole. They are truly experts in their field.”


the brand voice

Brand Video Script

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The Finished Product

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"Overall, we are so, so happy. Thank you so much for all of your awesome work! It was so exciting to see our business through your eyes and through our past clients' eyes, too!

Your deliverables are highly organized, well-rounded, and comprehensive. You’re not only a gifted copywriter but also create a seamless, organized and thorough experience for her clients – and for web designers like us!”

- Audra & Kelly, With Grace and Gold

An elevated, powerful brand message

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