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Four years ago, with a master’s in English Literature in hand and a handful of magazine clips in my portfolio, I turned down a PhD program and set out to be a freelance writer instead. 

Little did I know I’d start a six-figure copywriting business and work with some of the top creative entrepreneurs in the business. Over 100+ clients later, I can confidently say that starting a creative business was the best decision I ever made. 

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How To Attract High-End Clients Through Copywriting

When you think of the word high-end, the interlocking C’s of Chanel’s logo or models in hand-beaded wedding dresses on Paris streets might pop into your head.

But what do you think of when you reapply high-end style to a creative business? Do you envision crisp Showit websites, light + bright photography, and a totally curated mood board of flawless fonts + colors?

I’m right there with you. But there’s another conversation to be had about the word high-end and how we use it to describe our businesses.

My clients are constantly asking me will you help me attract a high-end client? And there’s a reason people want to know. They understand that attracting a high-end client is a nuanced endeavor, one that takes a full-on approach that starts with copywriting.

If you want to know how it all works, here’s how I help my clients attract high-end vibes!



I’ve learned that everyone’s idea of a high-end client is slightly different. For some, a high-end client is the type of person who will pay whatever price the business owner wants to charge. (And yes, this is great. But not the only thing to focus on.)

In the creative industry, what most people mean when they talk about a high-end client is someone who trusts you as an expert. A person who wants to work with you because of your process. A client who trusts your opinion on their unique project and willing to take suggestions. But if you’re going to get anywhere with your copy YOU have to be the one to identify who this person is… even if you’re hiring a website copywriter to help you put it all together.


For some businesses, it’s not a good idea to have your mission statement right on your homepage. Writing it all out can sometimes come across as stuffy or outdated. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t creative ways to use your why throughout your website!

Before you write any copy, take time to write out why you started your business, who you want to work with, and what you offer. Part of this step also includes getting to know your client.

If you need to, ask potential or past clients what they liked about working with you. From there it’s an easier next step to define your voice through brand adjectives. (Although not exclusively part of this step, knowing how you want to sound can be seriously useful!)

Next: what impact will you and your services have on the client? Don’t let this question trip you up! It’s easier than you’d think.

Example: After clients work with me, they have an easier time booking clients and talking about their business. They’re no longer embarrassed to send people to their website. For me, it’s not just about writing a website. I know these words will be with people for years to come and it’s important that what I write can grow with them.

Once you’ve done this, you have a bit more of the groundwork!


By now, you’ve already thought about who you are, who you serve, and what you want clients to get out of the experience of working with you. But you’re missing the secret sauce that brings it all together.

What makes your brand special?

It’s a simple question but too often we get stuck on this one. We think the question is talking down to us and if we can’t answer the question immediately we must not be so special after all.

Nope! Wrong.

While you shouldn’t start a business without knowing what makes your brand special, that doesn’t mean the answer will be immediately evident. Seriously. Take some time to consider this.

Do you serve a unique or specific client? Are you offering a service others aren’t? Do you have more experience or a unique story? You’re a unique element of your business just as much as anything else.

In order to serve a high-end client, you need to think this through before writing your website or hiring it out.


Personality-driven online businesses should totally talk about themselves. Being relatable is a can’t-miss element of website copywriting these days— and it’s here to stay!

But when you’re writing out your website don’t just talk about your favorite cocktails and movies. (For real, when DIYing your website this is among the most common copy mistakes!) Even though people want to see who YOU are, don’t forget to gear your website towards a problem your would-be client faces. Once you’ve worked on earlier steps you’ll have the know-how it takes to speak to this problem.


There’s a reason why creative business owners share their processes on their website. And you’ll find that pretty much anyone who wants to work with you will ask the question what is your process?

Nailing this question is a must if you want to get high-end clients who will expect you to guide them through the process and give your expert advice!

While you’ll want to have a shorthand version to explain while you’re on the phone with clients, it’s also a good idea to write it out on your website in a display that shows off 3-4 steps of your process. Even if you have a long and drawn-out process, condense it down into simple steps so it’s digestible. Make sure it’s an experience that clients will come away from feeling confident.

Don’t forget to share testimonials so clients know you’re the real deal!


To really take your site to the next level, consider investing in tools and professionals that will take your website to the next level.

Whether you buy a template, work with a designer, or hire a copywriter, make sure you’re taking the steps that will help you ease into launch success!

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April 13, 2019

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