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Why You should Invest in Custom Copywriting


When you’re first starting as a business owner, it’s normal (and even a good idea) to bootstrap some elements of your business to get a feel for who you are as a brand. Still, at some point, you may realize those DIY elements are starting to hold you back in a major way. 

Often, our clients come to us because they’ve gotten to a place of success in their business, but they’re ready to step into something greater. To stand out, to book more of the right clients. To raise prices. To be an expert that people respect, value, and pay well. They also want to be leaders in their industry, and, most of all, to create an amazing life supported by their creative business.

Keep reading for the reasons you should invest in custom copywriting.

The first sign that you should invest in custom copywriting? You’ve Already Invested in Premium Brand & Web Design.

I’m going to be real with you: If you’re investing big in your brand and web design (like $5-10K+) you absolutely should be hiring a copywriter to protect your investment in design. 

Unless you’re a copywriter yourself or you’ve invested in a solid program or resource to help you write your copy, it’s not a good idea to throw words on a page and call it a day. (I’ll even go as far as to say that DIYing your copy is for an earlier-stage business owner who isn’t ready to invest in premium copywriting. After a certain point, it no longer makes sense to bootstrap when you could have professional, lead-generating, client-attracting copywriting.)

Think of it this way: does it make sense to spend money on a pretty website not knowing if the words you use will attract the right people and convert them? I’ve seen this happen. 

Honestly, good designers present the need for copy and give their clients recommendations to copywriters that would be a good fit for their project or even build a working relationship with someone who can be looped in on client projects (something we offer, btw!). 

Aside for designers: In the design industry, it can be scary to tell your client that they should be spending more on top of what they’re paying you, but the results are so worth it that it’s not fair to let clients think they’re good to go without knowing the options. 

It’s easy to get into clients’ pockets and be fearful of what they are investing but it’s not your job to do so. It’s one thing if your client chooses not to invest (that is ultimately their decision), but in reality if they don’t know the impact of copywriting, they may regret not going down that path later on. 

Copywriting is NOT your designer’s job to figure out, and that means booking a professional to do the copy for you. 

You’re Booking, but You’re Ready to Narrow Down and Begin Attracting Only Ideal Clients.

At this point in your business (a few years in), you’re likely booking well enough that you’re somewhat satisfied, working full time in your business and content with your work. Still, you know there are other competitors on the field, and you want to be completely sure you’re putting your best foot forward online. That means attracting only the best-fit clients and saying no to more projects. 

When you’re in the earlier stages, it’s natural to say yes to everybody, but we all get to a point where we raise prices, begin taking less projects for more money, and choose only to work with people that are completely aligned with us. 

Whether you’re already there or aspirationally approaching this point in your business, copywriting is the perfect solution for bringing this about.

You’re Evolving as a Business Owner.

As a brand, you may be known one way, but you’re ready to stand out and reach for new horizons. You may be introducing new services, beefing up your process and adding even more value for your clients, or even moving into education. 

It can be challenging as your business grows to determine how all of the messaging for these elements fits together, as well as how you want to present yourself to the world as you open up to this new phase of business. 

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April 21, 2022

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