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Four years ago, with a master’s in English Literature in hand and a handful of magazine clips in my portfolio, I turned down a PhD program and set out to be a freelance writer instead. 

Little did I know I’d start a six-figure copywriting business and work with some of the top creative entrepreneurs in the business. Over 100+ clients later, I can confidently say that starting a creative business was the best decision I ever made. 

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Why Long Form Sales Pages Really Work

Do you ever click on the link for a new course or program from your fave entrepreneur, land on the long form sales page, and think why do they have to do all this convincing? Can’t they just tell me the price?

Let’s think this through for a second. If you’re selling something, would you simply throw the price up on a blank web page and expect people to come pouring in? 

No? I thought so! 

It’s because they need to be sold on the experience FIRST. They need to know the tangibles and intangibles The what, how, and why.

As both a business owner and a consumer, you get what I’m putting down? You’d neither purchase something with no information, nor share your offer without explaining why people should buy it in the first place.

Tada! That’s what us copywriters are here to help you do. As a copywriter, I’ve heard it all– that people don’t read anymore, that they don’t want or need long-form content, and that copywriting should only ever be minimalist as possible. (Don’t even get me started, lol.)

While I’m all about brevity and conciseness, I often write long-form sales pages for my clients who are selling digital products, courses, programs, or even VIP days. 

They hire me because they want to make sure that clients are (1) really clear on what will be included, (2) excited about the offering and eager to sign up right from the page without additional prompting, and (3) that any objections their ideal clients have are well and thoroughly quashed so that they are ready to buy if the offer is right for them. 

Honestly, if you don’t accomplish these three things on a sales page, it’s all too easy for your people to click off the page and miss out on the amazing thing you’re offering. 

Keep reading for why long form sales pages really work and why you shouldn’t dismiss them for your next launch.

Data Shows That Long Form Sales Pages Perform Better.

Still not sold that longer sales pages actually work? Think again. Here are some facts that may make you think differently:

  • Addressing buyer objections can increase conversions by as much as 80%
  • Long form sales pages are geared towards people who are ready to buy – so we need to make sure they understand what’s involved before they purchase
  • Longer pages work best for products or services with a bigger price tag
  • This case study demonstrates how a page that was 10x the length of the original sales page converted 363% better than the original. How’s that for amazing conversions?!

Sales Pages That Are Written For The Audience Have As Much Content As It Takes To Attract The Right Reader.

While we don’t want to write something that is gratuitously long for the sake of being long, what’s important here is to include all the information that needs to be there in order for someone to make the right decision for them. 

Ideally, the outcome of a sales page is that we capture the right people through lead generation, create interest through aligned design & copywriting, clearly explain the offering through benefits, features, and outcomes, and then give them an easy way to take the next step of purchasing.
Short sales pages are fine if they work for the offer, but generally speaking, anything that’s going to be in the realm of ‘high ticket’ or, at least, at a higher dollar value or decision level, simply needs long-form to thrive.

Even In Long Form Sales Pages, Writing For Skimmers Is Okay.

Believe it or not, it doesn’t bother me at all as a copywriter that people often skim the content I write. Here’s why: it’s designed to be read this way.

Although as a copywriter I always aim to create a narrative and a story that connects with people, the ultimate goal of my work is to write words that sell. 

Quite frankly, people don’t *need* to read every word to join your email list, buy your program, or book a project with you. They simply need to read the right words for them to make a decision

While some readers will pour over every word, scouring closely to ensure that all their questions are answered, other readers may pop up and down the page, go down to the FAQs, skim the ‘what’s included’ before they read more below. That’s totally cool, because at the end of the day, I know that my words will attract the right people in and we’ll get to work with even more amazing clients. The ones that aren’t right for us? They’ll walk on by, and that’s completely okay. 

With the right words, your dream clients will find you. That’s all that matters at the end of the day!

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