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Your Website Content Checklist


Looking for a website content checklist? I’ve got one for you!

Most entrepreneurs struggle to write their website copy because they believe that they have to either have mad-lib style templates in front of them or they simply don’t know how to establish the proper structure. 

When you’re writing your website copy, the last thing you want to do is just dive in and start writing without any structure. 

That’s why I created this website content checklist, including key elements to consider on your core website pages, PLUS what you need to do before you get started writing! Read on to get started.

Finalize Your Services

Before you write a word of your website copy, it’s absolutely essential that you finalize your services. Be completely sure about what your core services will be, what’s included, how you’d like to explain them to your audience, and a price point. Although some people do not share pricing on their website, it’s generally a good idea to give a ballpark or starting price so you don’t waste your time on prospects who aren’t within budget. 

Map Out Which Website Pages You Need

Although most websites for service providers include Home, About, Services, Portfolio, Blog, and Contact, you may need additional pages, including service-specific pages. If you’re just starting out, a standalone services page with a brief description of each service and a CTA to reach out may be just right. 

However, if you have fairly differentiated services, sell high-ticket services, or simply have more complex explaining to do, services pages that are structured like longer-form sales pages can be a solid idea. 

You may also consider additional landing pages for your lead magnets, client case studies, resources, Instagram links, hidden pricing pages, or even a 404 page.

Get Clear On Core Messages

The reason I do brand messaging strategy with my clients is because 99% of the time, they need help creating a cohesive message across platforms, laser-focusing on their ideal client, speaking to more than one persona, or, quite simply, don’t have the clarity they need around not only how to say what they need to say but also what to say in the first place. 

I always recommend getting clear on your positioning first, while also paying close attention to tone of voice, taglines, clarifiers, and your mission. 

During this phase, you’ll also want to strategize what people really need to know before filling out your contact form. On your website, I recommend getting clear on your signature process, what makes your brand stand out, how you work with clients, and what you’re standing for and against in your industry.

This is a great time to create a sitemap with the core pages you decided on in step 2 while also bulleting out some high points you’d like to communicate on these pages. This is what I call mapping out your core messages. 

Your Website Content Checklist

Although each website is unique, below you’ll find a website content checklist to get you started when it comes to organizing and writing your website copy.


  • Above-the-fold headline and CTA (download my homepage headline freebie for help with this!)
  • Positioning section showing who you are and why you’re different
  • Introduce yourself (This is the “Hi, I’m…” section)
  • Share testimonials
  • Point people to your core offerings and services 
  • Last-chance headline telling them where to go next
  • Footer


  • Positioning section speaking directly to the client’s problem and showing how you can help
  • A section introducing you and sharing your story
  • Your origin story
  • Your transformation story
  • High points and key facts to reinforce your expertise
  • Relevant fun facts that build trust and make you relatable
  • Tell them where to go next with a relevant CTA


  • Laser in on a specific problem that you can solve
  • Position yourself as the solution
  • List each service with a brief description and CTA to a service-specific page
  • Share testimonials
  • Tell them where to go next with a relevant CTA


  • Share a headline related to your philosophy/approach/work style
  • Tell us more about the clients you serve and how you’d define your work
  • Share key projects, link to projects directly or include links to case studies
  • Share more testimonials
  • Give them a way to contact you


  • An on-brand headline
  • A paragraph telling us what to do next

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March 22, 2022

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