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It's confidence that your message has the power to change your business for greater visibility, sales, and conversions than ever before.

As you book your designer and pin inspiration for your moodboard, you can’t help but feel that your message is holding you back. That you’re struggling to formulate your ideas clearly. That you have something to say but no idea how to say it beautifully and on-brand. 

elevate their brand, book out
their calendar, and stand out.

Story-driven, clarity-giving copywriting for creatives on a mission to



What you need is a copywriter who will take the wild ideas into your head and form them into words that actually make sense to read. Someone who will give voice to your dreams, say what you mean, and transform your vision into conversion copywriting that reaches into your client’s hearts and inspires them to take action.

Whether you're planning a full rebrand of your business or you simply know that your copywriting has not pulled its weight, it's time to discover, unearth, and express what makes you and your business so extraordinary.

As your copywriter, we'll get to the heart of what your business is about and convey it in incisive messaging that says what you've been meaning to say for years.

Because you need more than just pretty sounding words on your website.

that's exactly why i created a full-service copywriting experience that goes beyond what's standard.

You need copywriting that reaches a deeper level of connection so you can see your website conversions go up and the opportunities for your business pour in.

Imagine what it would be like to have…

Dream clients filling out your contact form because your website spoke to them

A signature approach that’s so unique clients have to book you because you’re the only one who can solve their problem… and they know it.

A messaging strategy in place that makes you money because it’s not only true to your brand, it’s powerfully crafted in every way.

what's included?

you get the whole experience with 'the narrative'

Equipped with insights from the interviews and our conversations, we'll create a messaging guide including your key brand stories, positioning, taglines, and customer journey that serves as the foundation for your copywriting and marketing as a whole. This step ensures that not only will your copy connect with your audience, but the underlying message will represent your brand and stand out.

voice of customer messaging guide

We'll conduct research around your industry, ideal client, and peers to ensure a strong message to market match, discovering what clients love about working with you. Ahead of the messaging guide, we'll take the time to study your testimonials and, if available, conduct interviews with up to 3 of your clients and/or provide survey questions you can share with your audience to gain insights.

market research

You'll receive conversion-friendly, strategy-forward website copywriting for 3 full pages and blurb text for your portfolio and contact page. Primary pages include Home, About, and Services. These are the most essential pages for a creative entrepreneur's website and will provide a solid foundation. Additional services pages, product pages, or copy for pricing or welcome guides can be added to your project scope at time of booking.

website copywriting

With 2 structured revision rounds included at each phase of your project, you'll have every opportunity to provide feedback, iterate with us in your documents, and collaborate until your copy feels just right and ready to publish.

up to 2 rounds of revision

Along with your messaging guide, we'll present your sitemap with the structure of your website and inclusions on each page listed out so there are no surprises when you see your copy document for the first time!

website sitemap + structure

We may be conversion copywriters, but we put a great deal of research into your SEO. You'll receive a keyword spreadsheet compiling what you're currently ranking for and what to focus on in the website copy. We bake these insights into your page titles, meta descriptions, header tags, and the copy itself.

seo keyword research + optimization

Working with a designer? We're happy to be connected with them via email or even a video call to align timelines and ensure a smooth handoff from copywriter to designer. If you're not working with a designer, we also provide recommendations within existing site structures or website templates.

collaboration with your designer

At each milestone of the project, you'll receive a Loom video walkthrough explaining the choices made and placing your deliverables in context so you can provide feedback with confidence and direction.

loom explainer videos

Share your vision, goals, and dreams for your business in the onboarding process through your questionnaire, any relevant files, and our kickoff call.

90 minute strategy kickoff call + questionnaire

also includes:

Working with us isn't like working with another copywriter.

✓ We take the time to get clear on your vision, honor the details, and create copy that perfectly balances conversion strategy with story.

✓ You work closely with me, Kayla (yes, even though I have a team behind the scenes!). I take the time & care to get the details just right.

✓ Together, we discover what your clients love about your business, your vision for the future, and how the words you use fit your personality & approach, not a competitor's.

✓ You get guided website strategy so you know that the layout & structure of your site attracts your clients *like that*.

✓ You discover how to show your value and expertise in a way that's genuine & clear.

✓ You get guidance on how to make your message work across platforms so you can post on social media & pitch yourself knowing you're on-brand every time.

Voice of customer-driven copy with interviewing, testimonial mining, and message mapping baked in to increase inquiries and get you BOOKED.

A process that combines conversion principles, ethical copy practices, and SEO  optimization through every line of copy so you can bring in more organic leads and sell with ease.

the               difference

aka, why hire tlc to write your copy?

Not only will you have the words you'll use to sell your services today, but also the stories you'll keep telling to share the heart and ethos of your brand for years to come.



You may think of website copy as just ‘the words on your website’ but, in truth, 

book my discovery call

they are so much more than that. 

We create a strategy, a narrative, and a story that makes the people you want to work with take notice because your brand story is so powerful they can't help but reach out, sign up, and buy from you!

Clients who have worked with The Literary Co have come away from this process energized by their message and often end up reaching (multi) six figures, hiring in their business, scaling their services, and achieving dream collaborations.

the investment


TIMELINE: 6-10 weeks, with flexible payment options available

increase in signups


website to inquiry conversion rate


for several desired queries on google because of keyword optimization


price increase on top package after launching website


inquiries within 30 days of launching new copy


increase in pricing structure


But my clients have found, again and again, that customer-driven copywriting brings in more revenue and opportunities.

i get it. this may feel like a big investment.

Instead of leaving money on the table with so-so copywriting, you can launch with a message that will work for you. If you have big dreams in business (and if you're here, I'm guessing you do), this is how you get to that next step. Just see what outcomes my clients have experienced directly from their website copywriting...

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Kayla has provided me with way more than just producing copy for the website.

She has given me brand clarity and a dictionary that guides every piece of copy.”


our signups have gone up  40%. We can't thank you enough!"

"Since the relaunch of our website, 

- dimi,

You have literally



what I've had in my brain for years!



Why are you different from other copywriters?

Your questions,

After working with more than 150+ clients, we have the portfolio, the results, and the proven process you need to get where you want to be in business. We stay in our zone of genius and specialize in working with women-owned, small creative brands and only work with clients we’re genuinely excited by. You can rest confident knowing that we are deeply familiar with your space and have the writing chops to elevate your brand. 


What kinds of results have people seen from your copywriting?

Clients who have worked with us have come away from this process energized by their message and often end up reaching six figures, hiring in their business, scaling their services, and achieving dream collaborations they wouldn’t have before working together.

How do you sound like me after only speaking with me a few times?

As a copywriter who’s worked with creatives since 2018, we know the right questions to ask to discover in-depth insights that lead us to messaging gold. We also have a keen eye for seeking out patterns, doing research, and understanding you so that the resulting copy is reflective of your brand. We begin the project with a questionnaire and a strategy call to go deeper and seek the right words. We then use these materials in addition to our brand research process to create a brand messaging strategy before writing any website pages. That means that by the time we’re writing your website, you’re totally happy with the direction and message of your brand!

How long does this take?

Our process for brand messaging, customer interviews, and website copywriting takes approximately 6-10 weeks from our project start date and kickoff call.

How far in advance do you book clients?

We usually book projects 4-6 weeks in advance and always recommend planning ahead wherever possible. Still, sometimes we have last-minute openings and always encourage you to reach out to see what our current availability looks like if you feel we’d be a good fit!

Do you offer payment plans?

Always! Your project fee is split into flexible monthly payments, collected through Honeybook via an automated payment plan that you approve when you book your start date. You'll retain your service with your first payment, with the remainder of the project fee to be paid monthly in even payments.

Can you help me name my business?

No, unfortunately we do not offer naming services, but we're happy to brainstorm with you or hear your ideas!

Can you help me come up with taglines?

Yes! This is just one of the many value-adds you will receive in your brand messaging presentation. As part of every experience, we'll work together to structure your offerings, drive the structure & framework of your site, and give you a lasting brand story that you can move forward with for years to come. These are all a part of this integral step you’re taking in your business.

Do you use the Storybrand framework?

Yes! Every brand messaging guide includes the Storybrand framework as part of our process. Even if you’ve read the book and completed a Storybrand script for yourself, we find that most of the time our clients are eager and excited for us to elevate their ideas and harness their musings into a core messaging framework that exceeds their expectations. As someone who has guided hundreds of clients through the framework, we know what we’re talking about when we say it’s one of the best messaging frameworks out there!

Do you conduct customer interviews?

Yes! Your project includes up to 3 customer interviews to help capture the voice of customer and ensure we communicate it beautifully in both your messaging and website copywriting. We also analyze your existing testimonials and do extensive research on your brand and competitors as part of the process already, along with any additional data on hand. This offer is particularly great for someone who has a lot of ideas and needs help distilling them into a clear, discernable message.

Can you write my sales page/email sequence/blog posts?

We can definitely add other copywriting deliverables to your project. We can talk about this on our discovery call!

If I want to add on more pages after our project starts or even after we finish working together, is this possible?

Absolutely! We are always happy to scope more website pages into your project should you determine that you need additional copywriting later on in the project or even after we work together. 

To recap, here's everything that's included....

Personality-packed, high-converting website copy for up 3 core website pages and blurb copy for 2 additional pages 

A 30+ page Brand Messaging Guide that includes positioning, taglines, Storybrand framework, and more.

the all-inclusive experience:

Website strategy and direction that guides the structure of your website for maximum conversions

One 90 minute intensive to unpack your brand message & strategize your copywriting 

In-depth client questionnaire to gain clarity on your project goals & brand direction

SEO Starter Kit including keywords, page titles, meta descriptions, and H1 tags to help you rank

Up to 3 Structured Rounds of Revision at each phase of the project

Communication with your designer and/or layout recommendations for your website template or custom design

In-depth Loom videos at each stage of the process sharing our approach to your copy and inviting your feedback

Three customer interviews with your dream clients & customer research report, to incorporate insights into your messaging

An elevated, powerful brand message

All you have to do is trust the process. From research to website strategy, conversion copywriting to SEO best-practices, we construct a message that’s standout so all the right people will line up to work with you. Get in touch to instantly book a 30-minute discovery call.

is waiting for you.


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