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Looking for a copywriter for photographers? Read this first.


We’ve all heard the saying: a picture says a thousand words. But when it comes to designing a website for your photography business, you need photos and words — and not only words, but the BEST, conversion-driven words. Words that turn browsers into buyers. Your work can’t just speak for itself– even though it’s awesome! That’s where a copywriter for photographers comes in. 

Just as photography is an art, so is copywriting. Copywriting that’s geared toward conversion is what drives people to stay on your website, fall in love with your work, and inquire! So, how can you get that sparkling copy that will help your business shine? I’ve got you covered. If your camera is your business, this blog post is for you. 

What to Look for in a Copywriter for Photographers

You may not even know what to look for in a copywriter for photographers — and to be honest with you, most people don’t! That’s why I’m so glad you’re here. After years of working as a copywriter for photographers, I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a copywriter and a photographer click (and, more importantly, make business boom). 

Here’s the deal: While you will certainly benefit from working with a copywriter who understands photography (we do here at The Literary Co); and while you’ll personally jive with someone who shares your artistic flair, that’s not solely what you need. To quote Taylor Swift … are you ready for it? 

What you need is a writer who understands conversion copywriting. 💥Someone could wax poetic about your beautiful photography all day. But unless that poetry is inspiring someone to book a session with you, stat, it doesn’t really serve you. 

This leads me to my next topic … 

What Should Be on a Photography Website

As a photographer, you might have a good idea of which photos you want to show your prospective clients, and how to lay them out. But you might not have the same strong concept of copy — and that’s exactly where a copywriter for photographers comes in. 

When I work with photography clients, I make sure that each of them has a bomb version of the following pages: 

  • About page: Think of this as your dating profile — you want to woo the best client match with a short yet impactful summation of who you are, and what you can offer that no one else can. If this sounds daunting, don’t sweat it. As a copywriter, I help my clients break down the essence of what they want to convey, so that the dreaded: Tell me about yourself question becomes one they can’t wait to answer! 
  • Services: OK, so your client got this far. They like what they see, but they’re wondering what you can do for them. Working with a professional copywriter will help you answer this question in such a compelling way, the client can’t help but book that call. 
  • Portfolio: This, my talented friend, is your place to shine. After telling your prospective client all about what you can do for them, this is a chance to show them what you do best: Photography.
  • Blog: Did you know that blogging can help your business float to the top of searches? You’re a photographer, not a blogger—but you can do this! When you’re armed with the right keywords and tools, you can spend just a little time blogging and see a BIG payoff. (And, hint hint: I know someone who can help! Blogging is one of the services I’m proud to offer.) 
  • Contact: At this point, your clients will want to take the next steps. Make it as easy as possible for them to fill out your form or book a session.

You may also choose to have a page devoted to your experience, or a hidden pricing page, too. When I meet with my photographer clients, this is one of the things we button up early: I get to know their individual goals and desires, then write a website that helps them showcase their business in the best possible light. 

And speaking of the best possible light, you may wonder … can’t my beautiful photos just speak for themselves? Well, no. 

Why Your Photography Can’t Just ‘Speak for Itself’

By now, I hope I’ve conveyed how much copy matters, even when you’re in the business of something more visual. (Side note: Most of my clients are in visually-driven industries, and all of them have benefitted from working with a copywriter!) Now, let’s dive into why copy matters, even (and perhaps, especially) for photographers. 

Your photos speak volumes, and yes, they are lovely. But, here’s the truth: Your client is going to check out other photographers’ websites, too. In order to book you instead of another photographer, they’ll need to see what makes you, well, you! This is where your copy comes in. 

In my business, storytelling is everything. When you mix storytelling with conversion copywriting, you’ll book the clients you really want. That’s because anyone who comes to you will know your story, your values, and what makes you tick — and they will want more of it! What gives your copy that spark is focusing on what YOUR clients are all about. 

What should your experience with a copywriter for photographers include?

We’ve covered why having great copy is the key to helping your photography get in front of your dream clients. So, what’s it like to work with a copywriter? As one who’s worked with many photographers over the years, I’ve perfected a process for developing conversion copywriting specifically for great photographers like you. 

My process consists of: 

  • SEO Optimization: I’ll help you rank—and rank big—in your local market, and even start reaching new markets! 
  • A Conversion-Focused Site Map: Together, we’ll draw up a crystal-clear map for your site, so that you know what to put on your site and where to put it in order to drive massive conversion. 
  • Conversion-Driven Copywriting: I’ll help you tell your story, and show off your art, in a way that converts scrollers into customers. 
  • *Social Proof:  Show some client love. I will personally chat with your past clients to get the scoop on what they love about working with you, and help you weave it into your copy.

Examples of copywriting for photographers— some of my recent projects.

Want to see my work in action? May I present? 

  • Lindsay Elaine Photography: Ths Michigan wedding photographer got 26 inquiries within one month of publishing the copywriting we worked on together. Yes, that’s 2-6!
  • Liz Andolina: Check out the copywriting I worked on for this ultra-luxe destination wedding photographer. Don’t you want to book her, now? (Spoiler alert: Lots of couples did)! 
  • Susie Boston:  I wrote strategic web copy for a talented Boston photographer who specializes in maternity, newborn and motherhood portraits. Here are just a few of the things that happened: Her website conveyed joy from the moment customers clicked into it. Right away, clients were able to sense the luxury, excitement, and ease of booking a session. And as for the finished product? My client— and her clients— were thrilled. 

*PS: Remember what I was saying abouts social proof? Check out what some of my photographer clients have said about working with me: 

“I will recommend Kayla and The Literary Co till the day I die. They are an absolute dream team and have helped elevate my business drastically. I  invested in Brand Messaging and Website Copywriting, and I was blown away every step of the way. I couldn’t believe how perfectly Kayla captured the essence of my ‘why’ and turned it into a succinct message that I can now share with everyone I meet. I used to spend 5-7 minutes explaining my business, and now, I can do it in 90 seconds. I tear up reading my Brand Messaging Guide. Kayla, thank you, from the bottom of my heart!! I’m so glad I found you!” – Lesly Moore

“I had never had my website copywriting done before, so I was super nervous before starting this project, however the minute we started talking on the phone all of the nerves I had been feeling left. Kayla listens to what you need and is a superwoman. She took my website and made all of the words flow + told my story in the best way possible! Now I have a website that I’m so proud to share, one that makes sense and tells a story! I 100% recommend hiring Kayla!” – Susanna Hershberger

Let’s Increase Your Conversion Rate Through Copywriting for Your Photography Business.

I hope this post has answered all—or at least most—of your burning questions about what it means to be a copywriter for photographers, and why copywriting for photographers is more than just letting photos speak for themselves. But, this is just the beginning: If you want to know more about my services and how we can work together, let’s chat! Check out my services page to set up a call.

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February 15, 2024

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