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how to create a quiz lead magnet

How To Create a Quiz Lead Magnet

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Want to know a secret? People are pretty freaking fascinated with the topic of … themselves. And yes, I count myself in that category! I cannot resist taking a quiz that will teach me more about myself, whether it’s which ‘90s movie character or what kind of an entrepreneur I am. That’s why quiz lead magnets are so effective.

It’s a given that anyone who comes to your website wants to know a bit more about you. But, they really stick around when you offer to teach them something new about themselves. A good quiz lead magnet, if designed with care, can be more than magnetic. It can be the magical tool that transforms your business from barely moving to booming. 

Did you know the conversion rate on a quiz lead magnet can be as much as 10x higher than another type of lead magnet?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

In 2024, you need a stronger way to not just stand out, but to get people onto your email list who you can welcome into your community and offer a just-right solution.

That’s why I sat down to write this blog post today: I want to teach you how to create a quiz lead magnet that will magnetize the exact clients you want to attract. After all, what else are we business owners here for? Let’s get quizzing. 

Start with your quiz topic

First thing’s first: Before you create a quiz, you have to choose a topic. Your quiz can only be as compelling as the question it asks. So go ahead, roll up your sleeves, put pencil to paper, and start scribbling. What’s a question that pertains to your business that you want to have answered? 

As you’re doodling, put a star next to any questions that intrigue you — we’ll save those for later. Here are a few ideas I considered for my own quiz showcasing my services as a copywriter, just to get your creative juices flowing. 

Which 20th-century novelist are you? 

Which creative retreat will instantly cure your writer’s block? 

What’s the hidden flaw in your messaging that’s costing you customers? 

Spoiler alert: In addition to the above, my napkin was scrawled with all kinds of ideas. Some of them were kooky; some of them were kind of great! But the thing that tied all my ideas together is this: They all tied back to my signature method for working with clients, and engaged my prospective customers in a fun and friendly way. 

Don’t be afraid to get a little wild with your brainstorm session. The important thing is to get all your ideas out on paper. This exercise will go beyond helping you zero in on a quiz topic, too. It will help you crystallize what you want to be known for. 

How to create a quiz lead magnet? Spend time on the segmentation first.

Now, let’s talk about segmentation. After your potential clients take your engaging, could-only-be-done-by-you quiz and part with their precious email address, they’re going to want results — and not all results will be the same. This is where segmentation comes in: As your clients fall into different buckets of results, they’re being segmented. 

Let’s take that quiz idea from above that I left on the cutting-room floor: Which 20th-century novelist are you? The prospective clients that fell into the Virginia Wolf category were going to have different copywriting needs from those who fell into the F. Scott Fitzgerald bucket; the Ernest Hemmingway crew was going to need something a little different from the Judy Blume camp. Therefore, the way I talk to each of them needs to be different too — unless I want a zero percent open rate on my emails! 

Here’s another example. One of my clients is an online business manager and virtual assistant agency. They needed a quiz that was going to help them market their services to business owners with a wide range of needs. 

I worked with them to build a custom quiz that helped them segment customers into five categories, ranging from brand-new business owners seeking virtual assistants to more robust companies that needed an online business manager to help keep all their moving parts on track. Within a week of having the quiz live, they were already getting inquiries through the funnel.

(By the way, quizzes don’t just help you get to know your existing audience. A purposefully created quiz funnel is the ultimate extension of your brand message and a phenomenal way to bring people into your world!)

Messaging extends beyond your website copy, and an interactive lead magnet is the perfect way to put it in action.

TL; DR: Your quiz results will help you segment your customers so that you can speak to their unique needs with every piece of correspondence you send. This is why it’s so important to think about segmentation in advance. 

Write the landing pages BEFORE the questions

At this point, you’ve thought about your quiz topic and the various results. But it’s not time to start writing the questions yet: Though it may seem counterintuitive, you’re going to want to write the landing page for each result BEFORE you write the question. 

When you write the landing pages before you write the questions, your overall quiz becomes clearer, tighter, and more results-driven. You’ll know exactly what questions to ask so that you can get the results you’re looking for — the results that will help you understand your prospective clients on a much deeper level, and help you communicate with them accordingly.  

Now write the quiz questions

At last, it’s time to write the questions! You have your juicy topic. You have your carefully calculated results. The only thing missing is the questions that will funnel your clients to the landing page you need them to see. 

Here are my pointers for writing questions that will ultimately convert: 

  • Mix it up! Your quiz should include a mix of questions that are pure fun with a few that are strictly results-driven. For every question that makes you client smile, laugh, or dream, you’ll want one that will take them right to the results page they’ll be intrigued by. 
  • Get colorful: In client documents, I always color code to make sure I’m keeping each result in mind with each question and accompanying answer. I can’t tell you how well this simple trick works to keep the quiz organized. 
  • Choose your top 10: While you’re designing the quiz, feel free to brain dump any number of questions. But in the end, try to get it down to about 10 questions. Conversion rates drop the more questions you have. So please do NOT ask your people to answer twenty detailed questions… they will simply drop off until you’re left with 

Use a quiz builder to design your quiz

Don’t be intimidated at the prospect of building a quiz. The truth is, there are some excellent tools that can whip one up for you. My favorite quiz builder is Interact.

If you have a Showit website, you can easily embed your Interact quiz and create beautiful landing pages for each result right within your website builder. I always recommend Tonic’s quiz results bundle to help you get your quiz designed and published easily! (If you use the cose theliteraryco at checkout, my friends at Tonic will give you 15% off.)

Want help creating your quiz lead magnet?

I hope this blog post has helped you crack the code on what it takes to build a quiz lead magnet, and understand why a quiz is such an important business tool. But if you have any questions or need help building your quiz that converts (without having to spend months figuring it all out yourself), let’s chat! 

In case you can’t tell by now, I LOVE helping clients create quizzes that help their businesses soar. I love it so much that I designed a special new offering that’s all about quiz-building. Want to write a quiz in a day? Check out my Quiz VIP Day.  

Quizzes are THE lead magnet you need to capture attention in 2024. This VIP day is the ultimate way to get not only an amazing quiz concept, but have your quiz written and executed. Finally, bring in more subscribers with the highest converting lead magnet around, and grow your visibility. Whether you’re new to quizzes or have an existing audience to engage, a quiz will supercharge your efforts. 

If a full funnel is more your thing, I offer an email sequence to accompany your quiz. And seriously, you don’t even have to know what your quiz would be about. I help you with everything — from idea creation to writing those pesky landing pages to the questions and answers.

You’ll come away with an absolutely stunning (and irresistible) quiz that people will be enthralled by. Let’s block off a quiz VIP day for you! Click here to get started

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