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The copywriting VIP day that's the answer to your website prayers.


You need professional copywriting, but you're on a quicker timeline and love a streamlined process.

n this age of the internet? There's no excuse for skipping out on solid copywriting. Sure, you could write it yourself, but wouldn't it be so much easier to kick back and know that your copy will do the heavy lifting without stressing about it?

Maybe your designer gave you one of those fill in the blank copy documents. Or you've tried writing it yourself with Chat GPT but you're just not loving it.

At the end of the day, the best way to get results is to step back and let a pro who's written hundreds of websites step in to write the words for you.

let's face it.


The quick-turn experience giving you copy for the three most essential pages on your website: Home, About, and Services.


I'm so ready


What's Included


3 pages of website copy



Copywriting for Home, About, and Services pages

Writing will take place on your selected date

A strategy call to go over what you've shared and create a plan for your website

SEO KEYWORD optimization

3 days of slack  access

onboarding questionnaire

Includes page titles, meta descriptions, and H1s

Chat with me in real time as we make refinements to your copy

A detailed questionnaire to learn more about your brand and story

I can't believe you created all of this magic so quickly!

I wanted to let you know that I'm so grateful to work with you. I know this won't be the last thing we work on.

- Krystle Rowry, Kriss Did It

This is all so perfect! It's packed with everything I've been trying to put into words and flows so nicely!

Every client who’s experienced The vip day has seen results, right away.

Now I just want to work on redesigning all day!

- Maggie Reina, Viola Hill Studio

I just relaunched my site using the copy you created and I’m so excited with how it turned out! Working with you was an absolute dream, you took all of my messy thoughts and transformed them into cohesive, strategic copy that makes it clear from the outset what we’re all about. Before working with you I felt like my copy was all over the place and lacked narrative or any clear direction. From the first draft you sent over I feel like you really understood my business, and my goals. It was an overall incredible experience!

- Kirsten DiCaprio, Aspen Theory

You made amazing things happen in such a short time!

Woo!! I am so excited and way more confident now that I have pro copy. Thank you a million times!!

- Marissa Merrit, Photographer


You are so good. The copy is amazing, thank you so much!!

- Ali Nolan, Event Planner

Curious what it looks like to work with me in a day?
Take a look at the full process, from booking to final files right here.

Inside the VIP Day.

the process

Upon booking, you'll receive your services agreement, questionnaire, and a link to book your kickoff call. 

Instantly book your VIP day through the booking file linked on this page. Choose your desired date and pay your 50% deposit to lock in your spot.

Booking Your VIP Day

On the Monday before your VIP day, you'll pay your remaining balance on your project before work begins.

We will meet for our strategy call 1-3 days before your VIP day experience to discuss your project and give you the plan for the day itself. You'll also be onboarded into Slack for quick communication.

week of your vip day

I'll get to work preparing for your day, conducting SEO keyword research, pouring through what you've shared, and structuring your web copy pages.

During the day, I'll submit each page to you for feedback and approval. You won't have to hop on any calls, but you'll need to be by your laptop to review copy at 2-3 checkpoints throughout the day. This ensures that I'm on track and can make revisions in real time to make your copy just right.

On your VIP day, I'll login promptly at 10am EST to start writing. You'll hear from me in Slack with a message recapping our plan for the day. 

on your vip day

Near the end of the day, we'll move into editing your website copy as a whole, finalizing the document, and getting it ready for your designer. We'll wrap up at 6pm EST.

after  your vip day

Our VIP day is now complete, but I'll be on hand in Slack the next day for any questions or additional support you may need.

book your vip day

The Investment

2 payments of

50% due at time of booking, with the remainder due 3 days before your VIP Day


book your vip day

"Kayla is a gifted writer. I’m so fortunate to have worked with her on two VIP days for my website copy and landing page.

She has the rare ability to capture thoughts from a conversation and turn them into words so eloquently written on the page. Kayla knows all aspects of the journey to get your message out to the world. If you need copy on a tight timeframe, Kayla’s VIP day is the way to go. We spoke, connected a couple of times, and by the end, the copy was ready to go. I would highly recommend Kayla. She helps make dreams come true!


client results

all launched with conversion-friendly copy.


website copy for clients who 

Aspen Theory


Cacie Carroll Photography


Rose Hill Events


Ashley Pigulski


DJ Stash


Marissa Merritt


Girls with Cameras

see website

Ali Nolan Events

see website

Ellen Edits


Paden Allen

SEE website

Jessica Douglas Photography


Christina Calderwood



When do you host VIP days?

I leave Thursdays open specifically for VIP days, simply because this allows us time to meet for your strategy call at any point between Monday-Wednesday ahead of your experience.

It also gives me the proper time to prepare for the 8 hours of writing time so I can hit the ground running on the day itself.

Plus, I'm on hand the next day for any questions that may pop up.

Is my deliverable guaranteed?

While many copywriters host VIP days that are merely about booking their time, my VIP days are created to give you a specific outcome. In this case, copywriting for your highest impact website pages.

I've formulated a specific streamlined process for us to journey through, and everything in your project flows in an exact progression. I receive your onboarding materials, meet with you, and prep for the day ahead of time so that the day is spent writing, not starting from zero. At defined checkpoints throughout the day, I'll submit each page of copy to you in Slack, get your feedback, and live edit.

That being said, if I don't hear back from you in a timely manner or you require more revisions, this may mean we don't finish everything in its entirety. If this were to happen, I would notify you and make a plan to keep our day on track, or present you with the option to add on rounds of revision for an additional fee of $250 per round. 

Can I add additional pages into our scope or change which pages you'll focus on?

Nope! This VIP day is structured to specifically focus on Home, About, and Services pages only, with no substitutions or add ons.

This ensures that I can use our allocated time to write each page and present it to you for revisions. If, after our VIP day, you'd like to have me work on additional pages, we can chat about it.

However, if you know you'll need additional website pages, I recommend booking my full service website copywriting, which includes 4-5+ pages.

How does this differ from your other website copywriting services?

My other full service copywriting offers include additional website pages, formalized rounds of revision, and the option for me to conduct customer interviews and craft your brand messaging guide.

If you know you'll need more than 3 website pages, or you'd prefer an experience that allows you to take more time with revision rounds and working collaboratively, the full service options may be for you. These services start at $5k, but many clients spend $7,500+ for the fully bespoke experience.

If I live on the west coast, does this mean I have to be up at 7am?

Not at all! I begin writing at a set time on your VIP day (and you'll hear from me with a good morning message in our Slack channel), but I won't need you to review anything until several hours into the day. No need to wake up at the crack of dawn!

When we have our strategy call, I will give you an approximate idea of when you'll be hearing from me throughout the day so you can plan accordingly.

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The converting website copywriting you need,
in a day.

Instantly book your VIP day. You'll access a live booking file which will allow you to select your date and pay your deposit to lock in your spot.

book my vip day

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