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A copywriter and strategist helping you book more clients through the power of your words.


Four years ago, with a master’s in English Literature in hand and a handful of magazine clips in my portfolio, I turned down a PhD program and set out to be a freelance writer instead. 

Little did I know I’d start a six-figure copywriting business and work with some of the top creative entrepreneurs in the business. Over 100+ clients later, I can confidently say that starting a creative business was the best decision I ever made. 

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The Copy & Content Writing Your Business Needs to Function Online

Are you a small business owner trying to reach more of your dream clients? Then you definitely need copywriting and content writing in your life.

Sure, you can have a pretty brand and website, but to keep people coming back to your business you need ongoing messaging that shares who you are, why you’re different, and (of course) how you can make their lives better through your service. (Because TBH, winging it on Instagram won’t keep your business going forever.)

Your business needs a lot of copy and content writing elements to function well online. Read on to learn more about what they all are and how they should be operating in your business.

Brand Messaging

What it is: Your brand messaging is the first and most foundational element that your brand will have. It’s the strategic document that tells your customer journey, brand story, positioning, and language within your brand. It helps you to know how you do and don’t speak online, what’s on or off brand, and specific talking points that you can use in your communications to clearly communicate with the people you want to work with most.

Why you need it: To guide your website copywriting, determine your content pillars, and cultivate unique language around your business that you can use time and again. (You know how you land on a website and see a killer headline or tagline and think, that sounds soooo good?! Probs because they did strategy first.)

Check out this post on how to create a brand messaging strategy for your small business for details!

Website Copywriting

What it is: The words on your website. Of course, it’s so much more than that. It’s how people will find you online (hi, SEO keywords!), the first impression they’ll have of your business, it’s the persuasion that explains why YOU and not some other service provider. It’s not just words on a page – it’s a strategy and a journey that comes together on each page of your website to bring in sales authentically.

Why you need it: Especially when you’re an online business, you need to have a website that works for you. If you only rely on DMs on Instagram, that can be taken away from you at any time (I’ve heard horror stories from fellow small business owners). Your website is something that you own, and when you invest well in your website, it will bring in leads for you. That means no cold pitching, icky DMs, or selling in Facebook groups all day long. After all, is that *really* sustainable?!

To get started, read my tips for writing a great homepage here.

Sales and Landing Pages

What it is: When you have a course, product, program, or perhaps even a VIP day, you’ll need sales pages that can do the heavy lifting when it comes to convincing your ideal clients why they should buy from you. You may know from reading sales pages that they can be rather long-form, but research shows that if you write them properly, this approach truly works. (You can read more about it HERE.)

Landing pages, on the other hand, are what you need to drive opt-ins to your lead magnets or resources. You can also use these to sell low-ticket offers or tripwires (aka, if you’ve seen people sell a discounted offer to you after you join their email list, that’s a tripwire!).

Why you need it: You can’t just post a picture of your item and expect people to buy it. People need to know WHY it’s right for them, what it includes, and also get their questions answered so they are ready to purchase. You can’t use the exact same strategies you would on a Home, About, or Services page because sales and landing pages are totally different.

Email Sequences and Weekly Emails

What it is: You already know that you need a lead magnet, but did you know that you should also have a nurture sequence following that up to ensure that you warm up your audience? 

Then, once you warm up your audience, you’ll also need an ongoing email so that your dream clients are hearing from you on a regular basis. This keeps them in touch with your brand and connected to your work so when the time comes to sell an offer, they are warmed up and ready to buy from you.

Why you need it: Whether you attract leads through Facebook ads, organically on social media, via a popup on your blog posts, or even through a Tiktok video strategy, you need some way to nurture people and welcome them into the fold of your brand. You can’t send one email and expect people to be sold on why they should follow or work with you. It’s building relationships that are really key.

Blog Posts

What it is: Hi! You’re reading one right now. 🙂 Blog posts are an AMAZING way to drive people to your site via SEO. While you may have a subset of keywords you optimize your website pages for, you can only fit so many onto these pages. Blog posts are a great way to target more specific keywords and captivate a new audience. Also, you can send these to your audience in your newsletter to keep people engaged and subscribed.

Why you need it: Increase your traffic, build out your SEO keyword strategy, attract new audiences. The list goes on.

Are you ready to take control of your copywriting and write with confidence for your business? Join the waitlist for our signature program The Copy Society. In this program, I’ll be teaching alllll of these forms of writing so after 6 months, you’ll have a fully built-out strategy for your brand to capture, nurture, and engage people through the copy and content in your business.

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